Friday, July 1, 2016

Yesterday's June

Evening with its long shadows

The Flaneur stretches his legs and proverbial mind
a man of the future world with his head in the big now

 Another quietly thrilling 
after supper walk 
to the Port of O

Boat traffic
of the utilitarian variety
prevailed in the evening light

 Here cometh yet another
 behemoth container ship,
desirable goods from overseas

back in the representational

 A pop jazz sushi night-club
Japanese restaurant,
train tracks, lonesome echoes

Tracks going West
buoyant manhole covers,
another book of hours folds

 My shade reaches its zenith

 Some day and it wouldn't be long
The Seas once here will return again

 Mean while we'll double-down
on "our children's Future"

 And raise you 
capitalist end-game

 Superstition and nameless dread

  Terrorism was originally defined
as a means of state control

Skull images, 
not an urban minute without one


The Fat Lady
Offensive perhaps,
you couldn't tell by the clientele
57% of African-American women
are obese, I just read

 Motorpsycho Nightmare
Police parking only

 Last light on the haunted hotel

Mexicali Rose


A passing salute,
Cool and coastal today
sun comes later

 One tries to stay cheerful,
veering from mindless postivism

 To the most dreadful negativity

 Who you gonna call?
Nobody can hear you 
when you scream

 Back to our own stonehenge


 Back at the bus shelter
basic primitive cortex appeal
of baby mammal face,
I stood waiting,
a guy was drinking beer inside

 Goslings on Lake Merrit
a peaceful respite
over-population follows

 Three bulbous police cars with dogs
lorded menacingly over the park
Were they looking for a fugitive

The "lake" has no scarcity
of miscreants despite its charm,

Two Chicano kids were down at the cove
where geese and gulls congregate
they induced the geese to follow them en masse
as the little boy dropped cookie crumbs
The older boy made a clever video of the mob,
Teasing but not overly mean,
Later though they found a mini-soccer ball
and whipped it hard at gulls
they had chased onto a little pier,

Those birds have a right to be here, you know,
I shouted, Unmolested!
When the gulls flew back I saw one struggling
Flopping down, its leg apparently broken

We forgive children
I tried to remind myself

 The spiky cactus
bears flowers and fruit

 Hee haw, y'all,
here's to an unruly July


Recently arrived in 1979 
I went twice to the SF Zoo
I sometimes visit the perimeter and look in
far at the end of the street car line,
Yet if I were to really go and observe
the animals I would leave in depression
the inescapable sadness of seeing
wild beasts in prison,
On the first visit with my brother's "square" family
I slipped away to enjoy medicinal smoke alone
On a path through shrubbery
 a tapir was on a parallel caged pathway
I let him sniff the extinguished "roach"
He was ready to eat it 
but with regret I reneged,
It did have rather a sad face

29-30 June 2016

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