Friday, July 22, 2016

Protest March in Oakland

Blue lights cops on bikes
uh-oh my bus diverted
Broadway closed off

 They always notice
when you take their photo,
Don't think they like it


 After all they are after some
 serious business

 An angry mob of protesters
heading this way

Wait a minute
this mob is travelling
rather close to the ground

 It's mainly kids

 Little kids who are sad
and confused by the state of society

 Nice kids

 Summer campers with 
their guardians

 Families with little ones

 What the Constitution refers to as
The People

 Good people
with good hearts
against the barbaric

Women and children
Families and senior citizens 
putting themselves on the line

 Followed by a longer parade,
a show of police power

 First come the light weight 
in case the kids
break off into
Anarchist splinter groups

 Then the heavy motorcycles
Show those women and children
some muscle
(that's right I'm taking
 your picture, Robocop)

 Of course Chopper
made the scene

 Then the old symbolic standby 
The police cruiser

 Lots and lots of police criuisers

The cops never run out of gas

They got caught with their pants down
recently when a flash protest
wound up vandalizing 
police headquarters
and taking over the highway

21 July 2016

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