Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Neighborhood of Independence Day

We come from the skies

Sunshine brisk cool air,
so happy just to be alive
underneath a sky of blue

New tree flowers
Heart of the City

Historic district

Cuteness zone
punctuated by the nightclubs
of menace

I am like unto a ghost hear
Only the sensitive can see me

Like a good pollinator
I sustain myself aesthetically

I dig the shirt
not the sharks

New shop just opened

Some sort of satellite
for Oaklandish hipsters

The scene might effloresce 
in a notable manner
at any moment

a contemplative loner
come what may

Alive always
to the insurgent beauty
of life as we know it

Expecting to sail
at any given moment

 Watching the sky
change colors
Praying at the closing
of the day

June-July 2016

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