Sunday, May 31, 2015

From the Window of a Passing Bus

A Flaneur is defined by walking 
but he also avails himself of public transit to reach various points.
Gradually the things one sees everyday become sacred.

 Playing field on Linda

 The Black Swan bookstore

 Elementary school on Piedmont avenue

Turning onto Pleasant Valley
Before we reach the cemetery end of the street

Temple of memory and the opposite of memory

 Flower riot in someone's front garden on Pleasant Valley

 Near an intersection of Shattuck avenue

 The Black Repertory Theater on Adeline

Ashby and MLK
The theater of every day life*

Playing field,
Martin Luther King in Berkeley

Berkeley High School playing field

* reproduced with the permission of 
Dada and Surrealism in the the 20th Century 
Extends from Man Ray to Ray Man

31 May 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

RAY Marine Transit

Clear skies ahead

More than a month's worth of waiting for a sunny viable day, 
a May crossing at last

Sea Dog

 The clouds shattered beatifically
And formed scintillating fractal patterns

The fish of the sky,
I cast my net wide

 The elegant new eastern span of the Bay bridge,
Turned out to be a lemon

 Another extraordinary day on the bay

 We enter into San Franciscan waters
Fantasy as reality

Underneath the bridge

 It's really a form of flying

 The city, we draw near

 Pull in here momentarily

 Then back out on the open Bay

 Few had foresight enough to launch today,
Everyone else's loss, it's brilliant

 The obligatory image of the harbor seal colony

 Nutty, windy little artificial island,
It's a restaurant to putt over to in this little craft

 Pardon our suds

Wharf Rats

I've been avoiding this guy

 Ah, the pleasures of the harbor

 Along the sidewalks
Of Fisherman's Wharf
They'll sell your heart's desires to you

 Rule of thumb:
Go when you have the chance
(Men's room in National Parks visitors center)



 Inside the Prismatarium

 Large whale on canvas

 An exhibition of contemporary artists' responses
To the WPA, to the Maritime Museum
And to color theorist and pop-surrealist
Hilaire Hiller who designed this joint

 This guy made himself a crown

 Wearing an elaborate version of the crown
He paddles out into the North Bay
And is never seen again
An industrial harpoon embedded in his board 
Was later recovered

 Another American flag expressed 
Through some amusingly novel process

This guy wanted to become his own sailboat

 To see if he could still float,
While taking directions from the wind

 A ship painted in silly string
Melted sugar skull impasto

 This guy used his grant money 
To throw himself a formal dinner,
At least he made that enormous photo print as well

What would Hilaire think of this latest iteration?

A moment's reflection on the patio
With the sound of the nearby surf

I reach quantum nautical density

And spiral back to the shore


My foot in the cold waters of the Golden gate

A beautiful, reaffirming day at Aquatic park

All the more charming because it's deserted,
I have broad expanses to myself
In the most expensive city in the USA

Now a brisk undertaking 
Of my long hike back to the boat,
Here comes an antique street car

Walking, walking
Here comes another vintage street car

Don't want to miss the five o'clock boat,
Don't want to have to spend the night on the Wharf,
Eating junk food and sleeping in some dungeon

No need to worry,
All is well, and turns out well
The peril of going out on rough cold water is behind me,
Across the Bay the inexorable marine fog
 Has taken back the imagined city

28 May 2015