Monday, June 27, 2016

Quiet Weekend Nice Weather

Saturday and Sunday came and went
rather enjoyably


Tim Fuller

Slack key guitar master 
a Hawaiian sublime


STAR WARS museum 
to return to California 
to commandeer Treasure Island
Oh boy


It's only class warfare
when the low-income 
defend themselves 
from capitalist depredation

 I sail away 
when I get a chance


Actually my day began 
with a BART run to Berkeley
My coffee-bean grinder broke-down
I took my beans to the supermarket to grind
 came back home for coffee

Lazed around listening to Pig in a Pen
a bluegrass radio show in honor 
of Ralph Stanley who just passed on
Made dinner, had a nap
Then headed back out
to see what I could see

At solstice time
the light is  lovely
after supper

 Meat packers
should see the light

If they have but eyes to see

 Graffitti of light
on an old brick wall

I'm in a fugue 
of late sunshine
The natural world abides

Everything is transformed
by the revolving seasons
the ever-changing light
its spendid reflections

Foreboding entropy
The universe winding down

The Sea-Wolf
Oakland's venerable rescue boat
named for Jack London's cruel captain

I'm up here now
the observation deck

Only ever so lightly brisk

Enough so
that the outdoor seats
at the wine bar
have no takers

As the day ebbs away


To all ships at sea
come and take
the pleasures of the harbor

 A dazzling world
where the sun goes down again

Walk up Washington,
foot traffic cheerful and thin,
Classical radio and hearts of space
an evening's quietude awaits

25-26 June 2016

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