Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ferry Boat Ray

The Flaneur heads down to Jack London Square and takes advantage of a Clipper discount card to traverse the Bay on the Oakland Ferry this summer of 2013.

The exhilarating crossing begins slow as you crawl past container ships the size of big city buildings. Alongside the Ferry Pier resides FDR's yacht The Potomac. One evening in late July, I was aboard it for a small bluegrass show by Blue & Lonesome. There was fine wine and I took a moment alone on the upper deck to smoke my spliff where Roosevelt and Churchill snorted alcohol in copious amounts. FDR reached it by a one-man elevator which he operated himself by hand.
Below the main deck were two restored and furnished bedrooms. One was for Franklin and his girlfriend; the other one was for Eleanor and her girlfriend.

On a recent visit to Aquatic Park SF via the Oakland Ferry to Pier 41, I was just retiring to some terraced steps for a picnic when I observed two maybe foreign guys focusing in on an unsuspecting girl's private spot while she was sunbathing. With a telephoto lens no less.
I alerted the girl. 
Cads!  By-standing males would beat them up if they tried it elsewhere.

(More to come)