Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Natural Light in Berkeley

transient moments of fascination 

There goes my the train
 Rockridge station

 The Purple Onion

 Vegetable representations
at the expanded supermarker

 I'm lifting off on some top shelf 
Max's Blend is my bag

 And I'm digging the signage


 Where you gonna run to
when the world's on fire?

 Squash and grass

 The Purple Garlic

 Quite an obtrusion
all that new space 
and they still had to put 
the plumbing on the sidewalk

 See you later

 A revanched strip 
of bourgy eateries

 Fairview Park
nobody calls it that
maybe real estate agents

 I care perhaps because 
it was my neighborhood

 A place of abundant
front gardens

 Let's leave the past
parked in the driveway
and walk

 The all black bumble bee

 Makes him look
more bad ass

 I'm a king bee, baby


 I come right in
on a flower I like

 Even the trees
have turned to poetry

I'm hung up on  
A Cross of Roses

Pas Perdus,
I'd better make steps

July 2016

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