Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pussy Willows: 18 haiku poems

O the last day in May
It soon comes our way

Spring fever compels the Flaneur to a voluptuary's pursuit of poetry.


Alone in a courtyard
a hummingbird drinks rain drops
on the fly

Alongside the creek
light reflects on shady trees
so real so unreal

Hot wind in the firs
that red amid the green brush
golf ball bumble bee

A loop of birdsong
rhododendron round-about
all the leaves have eyes



Purple chalk powder
accumulates to the west
illusory sky

Louder than the sea
wild wind in the tall pines
everything moves

Huge clouds billow
over the welling green hills
'danger falling cones'

A fallen flower
dangling in a spider's web
interests the cat

Two bright lady bugs
revolve on blue balustrade
vacant lot smells fennel

Stoned alone in church
like a wonder-cabinet
deep silent prayer

Morning glories bob
birds hurdy-gurdy the trees
forget I'm outdoors

A heat-wave in May
magenta arabesque clouds
lone bat passes by

The leaky faucet
a wee bird knows to drink from
all for survival

A crow flies over
with a bird bone in its beak
business is business



Cats listen to birds
and hear the carillon bells
but not as music

Bench under the bells
a panoply of teardrops
valley in the clouds

The bat cat out back
hunts bugs in semi-darkness
friday night traffic

Behind our chapel
the deepest scent of roses
in a deep red whorl



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Springtime Notebook outtakes: 18 short poems


In Tenebrous Time

Faces in the trees
every cloud every sky
reveals my mind to me

Floating purple clouds
of rhododendron
In a barkless red hollow
the tree associated with Mary
Showed me her apparition
then became something else

The price of every disaster is renewal

The Moon knows three words:
seen, reflected, hidden.

The Lord is life and lamp unto me.
Early Easter AM

Stone walls bridge the air
Bells come down the creeky

Leafy mazes map the buildings
Pow wow on the third story

Postcard view of a re-enacted forest
In tall windows over the drum circles

Bulky evening star
vertiginous balcony
O the discus moon

Despite heavy rain
hummingbirds bounce in trees
flowers are forthright

Sign nailed to a tree
says danger falling acorns
wooden bench nearby

Tilden Park Easter Sunday

Crows in the Oaks
The twisty old Oaks

Always a peak reached
When you follow thoughts

Slow glides the owl
Over the sunny meadow

Over the heads of children
No one looks up

A path--trillium and mossy roots
A patch--serrated clouds blue sky

Pitch black crows in the Oaks
The twisty old Oaks

A cat is wary when it's drinking.

A dream of a bear wearing a black leather sport coat in my apartment.

Occasioned by a BBC TV news bit about "Krishna," a black sloth bear
adopted by a village in India. When they had tried to chase off his
mother and cubs, he was left behind.

birdsong/flowers/the stoned boat

A deuce of moons this May
silent fir trees in mist
fairy folk fold their cards

Marbled red and green
that deeply-colored glass vase
is a soft flower

Roadside stand in Sunderland

The farmer taps
on the car window of memory
The ghost of a sycamore
moves through the dust

At the heart of things
red dots in the conifers
the last of the moon

undersea egypt pours into the vacuum left by an hour glass