Friday, June 15, 2018

Oakland Babylon

in progress

Roll up
 the dark carnival that never ends
it just moves the police tape




June 2016

Friday, June 8, 2018

Sunday After Dinner Light

Warm enough after dinner
to go out to go out
Noticing the world in greater detail
A repurposed mail sticker
with Felix prints
stuck on a long-abandoned
payphone booth
first thing I noticed

The tall grass of June
bugs snuggle concealed
from the breezy evening

Living in a bottle
a capacious liquor

Golden light of evening
intimation of
the never-ending

Golden hours
go by once
once only

The moving grass
in the steady bay breeze
changing colors
changing places

California produce
our abundant land

I'm not a simpleton
though my life's a simple one

Union Machine
rippling in
filtered sunset light

I thought strangely
of an armpit image
in Un Chien Andalou

Walking by the estuary
I reinvigorate
 a great lazy cat
Conspicuous parking
for high rolling
money cars

I'm driving in my car now
I've got you under my wheels
I find that you can get away
with a lot in life

But eventually you hit a wall

Steer your course
don't capsize
glide on by
But by all means
spare others

I listen to the grass
I talk to the wind
3 Jun 2018


Thursday, June 7, 2018

San Francisco Bay on an Afternoon in June

Nautical endeavor
leads to the sweet dreams
and deep sleep of the just
Too long have I waited
for the cold Spring weather to abate
The visiting hoards are here
But I design a picnic outing
without a great deal of involvement
with San Francisco foot traffic
I hadn't been over
yet this year
We are here to go
so here goes

Leaving the Port of Oakland
for a jaunty day on the Bay
Is it my imagination

Or are the current crop
of container ships
looking less full these days

Can it be the new trade wars?

We need that plastic crap
synthetic clothes
from China

A sexy teenager has decided
to crash out during the crossing
Doesn't bother to pursue the view
But I do

Shipping activity
is picturesque today

You might think
being on San Francisco Bay
would be stimulating enough
to keep someone awake

That's treasure island
a man-made extension
of naturally occurring
Herba Buena
Yes, good herb
proved a prophetic name

The line between the North Bay
and the silicon South

Sky crossing
Bay crossings
an everyday fact

Noir city
Lonesome town
oh how they come and go

Expanse of water and sky
made expressionistic
by wind-blown clouds

Here comes an emergency boat
patrolling the San Francisco harbor
Things can go wrong out here

A poignant cloud
straight above
our beavering boat
Look who's here
to spoil the scenery
This nefarious monstrosity
spilling the bilge water
of the tourist industry

 Floating pleasure palace
giant screen on the deck
 Intrusive capitalist legacy
of Mayor Lee and his cronies
To hell with it

We want our Bay to stay wild

A moment spent
in the wildness
one's soul reignites

Can you dig that?
I thought you could
It's all still here
the thrill ain't gone
Into the docks and piers
of Fisherman's Wharf
Visit vessels and devour vittles
Le Musee Mechanique!
I'm staying only an hour and half
for tuna salad sandwiches
and ginger ale,
I had dessert before sailing
my Cannabis chocolate,
I spent the time out on the Bay
a maze of sight-seeing docks

Humans and harbor seals
not as different
as they think
Are we not
marine mammals?

This is Pier 39
claptrap tourist trap
keeps them somewhat contained

The sales-force tower obtrudes
horning into the Coit Tower sky,
San Francisco force-fed
top-heavy civilization

Across the bay
nestles legendary Sausalito
Once a groovy enclave
 enslaved today by income
and property

There's my little red wagon
willing itself forward
into the gate

Sea spray and chop

Easily forgotten promises
represented by padlocks,
A couple attached another one
as I observed
The male looked sheepish
There's the infernal cruise ship
way out of scale
spoiling the peace,
May an act of God
provide them with a lesson
in humility

A gull has built its nest
on a piling in the busy
bustling harbor
Time has come to lift off
my perch and take
to the Bay breeze

Off we shove
under evocative clouds
Scores of  birds
dive and feed across
the vast field of
 the Bay

Our excursion returns
under the Bay bridge
In a great swath of sunlight 
the big city grows small

Before anyone is too tired
we are back

A real sea change
has taken place
in set and in setting
Stop first at Alameda
it's compact landing
tucked next to Bay Ship
The density of the ship
displaces the seawater
that rolls and curves
like light around gravity


Bay Ship
 a reputation for masterful
ship rebuilding
Look who's had a face lift
The Balclutha
from the Hyde Street Pier
Looking wonderful,
old friend
Wish I could join them
when they sail it back over
the way I just came
5 May 2018