Saturday, October 10, 2015

Life Along the Estuary

In  progress

 Halloween Bingo for Transvestite Dogs

Last Night

 Another Fall sunset
I gave to go to Bevmo! for brandy

 Wow there's a salsa band playing on the Ferry lawn


 A tall ship in the dark
Port lights like birthday candles

 They are good too
One must shake a tail feather
just then a text from Joey Know


Lunch and fine brew with good old Joey Know

A little recent favorite place

 A swank boat house

 September 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Oakland Youth Demi-Monde, part 1

The street provides the role models we desire

A survey of scattered indicia 
of the  jeunesse doree noir on my patch 

You'll have to rip the steering wheel
from some folks' cold dead hands

Chimera of the wealth extraction industry
Owned by the wealthy forever,
It always was all about the money

All the public telephones have been ripped-out,
Copper land lines worked even in a black-out,
Everything now up in the cloud

Native hostility

The poster says "OBEY",
No one will


The flag of Oakland is horizontal
I go out


Helicopter on the roof,
Pummeling passers-by

Another delivery of prisoners,
America has one quarter of the number
of all the prisoners in the world

There's that damned helicopter
Touring back and forth from the Port,
Flying low over the Coroner's Office

Large helicopter over the old train station building,
The military to police trade show is going on
Protest got it moved to Pleasanton this year,
No doubt some fat Oakland cop bigwig 
Is on a test drive, being sold on the chopper

The Coroner's Office
Touchstone of the neighborhood

Coroner's staff are the only living persons
 Allowed beyond this point

Windows opalescent in the evening dim

Around behind Parker Electric building
With its mural portrait of a duck,
An ominous building painted matte black
Wonder what it's all about

The Underworld Screams for Attention

Oakland Metro Opera House
Hmmm, more curious still

Why, it appears to be a warren 
given over to Satan in its entirety

Murder most high

A nation under an evil spell

Saints preserve us from the criminally insane

Oh now, you hate to see something like that

Such a pretty girl too, 
Someone's lost daughter

Reveling in lunacy
And degeneracy

We'll all have to face the judgement of death someday

Satan wishes us to believe that we are animalistic
Unworthy of God's love

Death Trip transplant
Bound for the Western Lands 
September-October 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oakland Youth Demi-Monde, part 2

Pop Zeitgeist

Always be fun to be young

Wonderful California produce 
grown indoors these days
Make it a cool time to be young

Gold-toned young Beatnik on the bus

What's this?

The ghost of an escaped parakeet?

Only a Hotel Transylvania 2
Lobby promo transparancy

What does the cultural zeitgeist predict?
A natural utopia,
Communication with majestic animals

Or an unsustainable thrill ride 
Technology, power and wealth

A power trip that leads
to an obvious dystopian conclusion

What does the youth of today dream about?

Advice to Young People:
 Forced Conclusion

The demonic writing is on the wall

 Parking lot entities
Wait for dark


Raider Nation

Always something infernal going on

 Easy, Tiger

Beware of patrocinadors
Baring alcoholic beverage

Obscurantism and obfuscation

Sundown on the Union Pacific

Synthetic emotions,
Artificial light

State of the Police
 Tactical shop after dark
The manikin has a loaded gun


 Free will as coin toss

September-October 2015