Friday, October 24, 2014

Queer Street (P.O.O.#3)

Psychogeography of Old Oakland #3

The block shows its respectable side by day,
Adorable tech firms and lawyers serving landlords

The delivery trucks tell their own tale

Attractive when evening falls,
Security ensured by constant private patrols

 Money-losing shoppes,
frou-frou pop-ups

A stately and eminently respectable address,
On the ground floor an au courant restaurant

Nights present a different atmosphere,
Nightclubs pump-up aggressive beats,
Pimped-out cars menace the cross-walks,
An air of potential violence hangs in the air

Beneath the grotesques heads of this ornate building
Security guards congregate like more gangsters

Old world charm with a pricey coffee franchise,
A busy supermarket around the back,
And quite a few places to get a drink

This one's for connoisseurs
Of Belgian-style strong beer

This one has old movies from Mexico
With the sound turned off,
A large selection of  tequila on offer

You may come to after closing time,
Floating around the hammered tin ceiling,
Moderation is advised

With alcohol it's really a toss-up,
Once you're really lit
Things can go either way

Wind up on an permanent voyage
In a small cabin 
Sur le bateau ivre


Or on the road to a cot in a shelter
Upstairs from a little shop
Open late in the Twilight Zone

You may become a tragic memory 
on the Day of the Dead

Perhaps you'll just go on as always,
A shadow of yourself

 2013- 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chimes of Freedom


There were problems with the live mix resolved halfway through the tune.
 Nevertheless it has had thousands of views on YouTube since 2009. One comment said it was the second best live version of the song he had heard, after Bob's rendition at Newport 1964. 

Presented here with humility
Raw and unrehearsed,
but you know it got soul.

God Nose

 Live on KPFA
August 2002

Against Police Brutality

The Flaneur attends a demonstration in Oakland against the barbaric militarized police state.

I guess Occupy worried the 1%-ers enough to warrant a ramp-up on their end of the class war. One can't help but wonder what level of abuse will occur before it's robo-cops and outright marshal law.
 I moved on, waiting on Broadway for a bus to Berkeley. At first two bicycle cops alighted on the corner across from the impassioned but entirely orderly crowd. By the time the words "Police murder" rang out on the plaza there were eight cops on bikes on the corner, amassing like crows in an Alfred Hitchcock film. One of the eight cops, the only African-American officer, noticed my steady scrutiny. I could tell he didn't like it. It looked like he wished he had an excuse to come over and brutalize me.

 Proceeding down Broadway I saw motorcycle cop sitting on a side street at the ready for a clamp-down. By the time I returned around 4:30, the helicopters were up and the motorcycle cop sent the bus on a onerous detour to a distant bus-stop. The driver being a good German refused to let us deboard until we reached the distant remote. The traffic snarled. No doubt some of the hotheads blamed the protesters for creating a "bad investment climate."
The helicopters pounded on.

22 October 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Berkeley Dead Fest


All ye hippies

 Continuing  his survey of local groovy free festivals, your observer attends a local reenactment of a Grateful Dead show from decades gone by. The Flaneur makes the scene, even if he doesn't always hang out for very long.

Gather round

The old thing's the new thing
In a Berkeley town
"The Eyes of the World"
I think it was thrown by Deadheads from UC
I dig the gal in the soviet t-shirt.
As for the smurf bum* and the mesomorphic narcissist...
(* un clochard schtroumpf)

 Peaking on fire, fire on the mountain
Didn't even get their name, but when I closed my eyes
It sounded just like the old astronauts of inner space

Lil hippie chick paused her perpetual motion 
to cop a pose 

19 October 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Grand Lake in the Nighttime

Quotidian Phantasmagoria

The Flaneur likes to retrace his steps and he likes to spook himself out a little in October when the days grow shorter.

 Another evening at the estuary


 Another bead in the Necklace of Lights
Fast and bulbous
I heard a sound like trickling water or like a voice 
And walked in darkness

In a strange courtyard an apparition 
Holy Siouxsie,
A banshee!

 Buzzing Beelzebub
Which way out?

 I think I'll stay where the bright lights are
bad ... girl

 Color-enhanced by Cherry AK a splendid Sativa
Blended with a the purple Indica called Midnight

 The skull wants contacts
A boutique for chichi spectacles

It's not grotesque, it's just hideous
Baby legs, arms that would reach the hamster skull below,
What's with the hair from the tail of a jackass?
The "artist" appropriated the Sign on the Cross for his own logo!
I felt assaulted by this crucifix

 I thought I needed a drink after all that

 The Alley looked welcoming
But a 'karoke night' is non pour moi

 I know a quieter spot a few doors down

 But tonight I felt like I needed to drink
Water from another well

 Well, well, well, well,
I drank the water from a deeper well

19 October 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Grand Lake in the Afternoon


The Flaneur had planned a more literary post today but he resorts instead to images from yesterday's photo journal.

 Another day at the estuary

 Watching buildings collide

 The clouds spoke of the changing season

In Our Lady of Lourdes
I rested my eyes and replenished my soul

 Jesu, meine Freude

 Marquee accuses Mayor of running an extortion racket

 The old captain and I savor a puff and a smile

 A little window shopping presents itself

 Tat shop

Grand Avenue was always a swanky part of town

 A little heavy on my feet
--time for a up-snifter with the old feline fellows

 He just don't know wrong from right
Just like an alley cat

 Another dream away in life's matinee

 17 October 2014