Thursday, March 22, 2018

To and Fro in Greater Berkland

Hand drawn temporary
shop sign

Into borderland
 a pound of Max's Blend
and a cup of coffee
at Cole Coffee

One thinks,
Hot cross buns,
Someone has nice

 La Farine
a fine French bakery
I was seen here frequently
when I lived nearby

Irish need apply
to this radiant
soda bread

Now it's BART
covered in advertisement

the Tom cat

attack ads

 are ubiquitous

Back to the lanterns
of Old Oakland
and dig this vehicle

Oh I dig your red red bus
He acted natural
like, of course
you want a photo

Last Winter sunset

Pillers of light
buttress the clouds
fleeting architecture

Rainy Tuesday
and yet
loads of errands

All signs are frightening

A substratum
the signage
of dread

Another look
at the Long Haul
in the rain,
During the Occupy era
UC cops raided the place
 on a flimsy pretext and
 confiscated their hard-drives
for a fishing expedition
Cops just grossly violate
constitutional rights
with lawless impunity
and then leave the mess for the DA
to sort things out
on the victim's dime

Used to be a Deliverance center

Now it's Self-Realization

Corner of my old street
I'm down here again
Southside Shattuck
to visit the "Aquarium"
for herbal Fish food
Electric music
for the mind and body

Drive-by shooting on MLK
the way home
via the 12

Soon all of the
 decaying urban cavities
layered with  graffiti
will be massively replaced
by apartment blocks

Open today's mail at home
gathered at my P.O. box
downtown Berkeley

Including a book of poetry from
Gerard Malanga,
a gift for my articulation
of admiration for him
on social media

widely published photographer
of the New York art demimonde,
Warhol's assistant who screen-printed
his multi-million dollar works,
principal dancer in
The Exploding Plastic Inevitable
with The Velvet Underground

And I was soon to learn
today was his birthday

18 March 2018
20 March 2018

Guns and Dolls (mail art)

18 March 2018

Cannabisness as Usual (mail art)

March 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Project XO St Patricks Day

Repurposed St Patrick's empty
and a doll found along the way
by objective chance
Flowers by Mother Nature

Wonder how long
it remained

Maybe still there

May the Little People
send their blessings
Springtime Mary
another go-around
 hope and strength

18 March 2018

Final Winter Haiku



At windy midnight
so cold so rainy and dark
unseen seagulls cry

March 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saint Patrick's Day Today

A St Patrick's card
from my Mother
from long ago
the illusion of time

The sacred green
with red hair

Chains of command
chairman of the board
people as ciphers

Let them
GOP to nation,
let them eat lead
Friday night
 St Patrick's weekend

A little island
defunct of soul food
on a San Pablo strip
palimpsest graffiti


Clouds over Chinatown
8th street

Cuteness as defense
A banelephant
empty pockets for its ears
old Soupy Sales bit
got him in dutch

Looking green
in the clear air
of Spring

Rainy looking clouds
TV billboards
Netflix dinner

 26% THC
will bring happiness
in me pipe
or blunty as may be
I'm wearing green goggles
I think he's Hobbes
a strip that went out
at the top of its game
We all got here
the same way
From my corner
majestic and cold
clouds in view
16-17 March 2018

America Needs a lyft/ Skytech Eyeballs (mail art)

America Needs a lyft

Skytech Eyeballs