Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On the Bus Drive-By

Rambling round
this puzzling town
with a smile

The 51A

Rectified rectory
an idyllic day school
on a Summer day

Someone passing
on a bus
sends you his blessings,

Then it's the grime
the nitty gritty
of Auto Row

The old showrooms
white-washed,  postered
and tagged

Auto Row Smog
is the venerable
business on the right

A extravagantly
narcissistic mode
always a sordid affair


A family fair
with bulbous

The 18

Soon the entire
urban street map
will be covered in bad taste
lurid Zap comix murals

So be it,
the fall of Rome

A distinguished gentlemen
boards and sits in front

Beautiful uptown Oakland
a vortex of sorts


 Downtown again

In Sunday suspension

may God bless us

Oakland's Big Ben
looking a tad faded
like newsprint in the sun

Well, well,
they are finally moving
on this vacant lot
 The bogus "building planned"
sign is gone
It's a segregated al fresco
lunch area now

They even removed
the crappy fool-the-eye
cladding off the first floor
Oakland spruces up
Think how nice it would be
if the city didn't have to pay
enormous settlements for police
then their promotions
and generous
early-retirement pensions

The guy had a rather
guilty look on his face
a perfect theatrical tableau
in communicating its message
Her look of suspicion
that's he's dogging around
on the down low
racialist but effective
in getting her to take the test

Of course at this point
he knows I'm taking his photo
He senses by my warm smile
that I dig him

August 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Pilgrim's Progress

Last month
just after the coming
my new smart phone
a pilgrimage toward
peace and love

When did baseball
turn into warfare?

It's small, mean, profit-oriented
 world after all,
It ain't all Disneyland

But I don't worship
It's merely a high-rise
optical illusion

The Sacred

I take refuge

In the house of
the Lord

All roads lead
me to kneel here
at His feet

People get ready
There's a train to Jordan

There's a green cloth
upon the altar

A meditation profound
in Jesus bound

Until He comes again
spacey organ music

Side trip
to the strange
side chapel


Occluded icon

Bardo icon

Empty baroque

The Faithful

A candle lit
in a human heart
no limit

Cabinet of the cruets and
True confessional
I'll roll right over
confess to all my sins
colorful and sad

Holy water

God's going to
trouble the water

Secular water

Salt water

When I think
I've had enough

He fills me up again

Deep peace
in the Palmatarium

I came upon
a bench
in the midst of life

Peace came
falling slow

Another little
man-made pond
of peace

We shook the sugar down
now party like it's 1984

That happened
and it was
declared wigged-out

A luscious time
but it's

The Profane

So I put
the fragmented life
behind me
turn my back to it

I like to show the police
the bottoms of my feet

in repose

A little Bettie Boop
China doll
appeared to me
out of my subconscious
 a refraction

She grew up fast

Commencing a sexy dance
the seven veils
of Maya Love

Like the opening
of a Warner Brothers

Sleepiness ensued

Enough to make me draw
the Venetian blinds

My sleeping bag
seduced me

if not narcotized
on top of
the sea of afgan

Warm enough for boxers
 flannel bed clothes
are out of season

Before I knew it
I was asleep

I dreamed I was reclining
in some foreign courtyard
looking up at the sky
 covered over
by a drifting
rippling veil

25-26 July 2017