Saturday, August 11, 2018

Miscellaneous Scenes of Summer

RAY's stoned vacation





Summer 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

KoKo Nuggz (mail art)

KoKo Nuggz

Silence the Distraction

Thriller Matinee

The grand old
Grand Lake Theater
in elongated  afternoon

Came today misled
 by an erroneous ad in the newspaper
I was expecting to see
 2001, A Space Odyssey in 70 mm
That's next week they said
without admitting any mistake,
So I decided to stay for this
I'd seen the hair-raising trailer
and suspected it would be an escape
from my day-to-day concerns

Look who's here
another elephant
it's unredeemed garishness
excused by design
by school kids

Charming I'm sure
but I'm not here to see this
Never have particularly liked
ant Spike Lee joint
Infiltrate hate,
Spike is infamous for claiming
that Black people cannot be racist,
Wonder what he thinks about hate,
But then he lives on Martha's Vineyard
and I'm more or less
a white man in the disphoria
of Oakland

Into the heraldic
mystery chamber
for the moving picture
Had to change seats twice
At show time a puerile
man mountain sat in front of me,
followed by a senile guy behind
who said oo-oh during fight scenes
then laughed like crazy
The film did its job
lots  and lots of very elaborate thrills
in sequences of an analog variety,
People are killed regularly 
death framed without remorse,
Giant stretches of credulity
and of course super-abilities
just short of Marvel comics

Poor middle-aged Tom Cruise
has to fill the screen
Still doing a young man's job

T was as high
as the labyrinthine
patterns in a
ceiling of stars

After the film
I wandered over to the lake
with my lunch bag
Somewhat dismayed to see
it crowded with lodgings
In this case a fort constructed of
pissy old mattresses  
spray-painted with slogans
to pretend it's more of a protest
instead of just a make-shift shanty town,
This is what passes for governance
and humanitarianism
in a crap-cavity town,
This individual grabs a prime spot
at the head of the lake
then acts territorial and hostile
toward the public who try to use the park
White lady calls cops on black man
just for staking a claim
 in a public park

The landscape was
scary and desolate
enough as it was
Someone is scratching at the window
That's what the bars are for

Home home on the strange
where the prickly cactus flowers
9 August 2018

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Under Leo: Part Two, The Weighty World

Leo King of Cats

painting gallery
for wine-imbibers

There's an Oakland A's
elephant mascot again
ubiquitous and frankly
thoroughly uninspired idea

But this scene is rather fun
A festival called
Rock the Bike
only mildly trepidatious
Double-decker bike
in the shape of a tree

An agreeable dubstep band
and Lord knows how
fussy I am
 Semi-circle of stationary bikes
as audience front row
People peddled away the whole time

I had walked a mile
and was a little too weary

But I joined Rock the Bike
reclining on the lawn

Met a cat man
bicycle stunt driver
 As charming as could be expected
under the circumstances

Better not let this guy
see him

Cat hunters from Oregon
for some reason
want to intimidate bystanders

Another mascot
this time sort of eye catching
outside Everett and Jones
infamous BBQ joint

Trees inspire sails
I'm on a solo voyage home

People around here
really respond to
The Rock
Birthday pasta with
Seattle-style smoked salmon
heirloom tomato and
dinosaur kale

cartoon cloud
avant garde of
relentless marine influence

At nine o'clock
I ventured out after
sparkling cider
Optical art illusion
of a famous face
in a transient gallery
28 July 2018
Terra Incognito
of everyday life
Rarely on foot hereabout
though I pass quite a lot
Sushi joint
colorful worn wainscoting
mirror window

Who would leave
a handmade bun bun
alone in a car in
this sketchy neighborhood

The weathered brick
of an exposed wall
the nitty gritty

By this point on the path
I get it anymore
immune to your
salutations and hustles

Here is where I am bound today
if I can just manage this last hill

Cardio Surrealism

The heart
as objet d'arte

The translucent heart
of RAY man
figuratively speaking

Crucial to remember
the heart is not
a toy

The afternoon
becomes incarnadine

As I go
clouds like a river
like a great highway,
the black shrouded construction,
Life and its doppelganger
Stone fruit
of July
A white nectarine

At perfect readiness

It even has a prajna dot
indicating almost mystical
On my way toward
a lonesome echo
Ah Sunflower
 not yet weary of time


There is a honey bee pal
on this sunflower's lower lip

Lady slippers
not as delicate as they sound
Jet black bumble bee
buzzing all around
Slippers turn intrinsic
in my filtered perception

Here's come one now
our most vital fellow beings
the bees

This is an very path
for young people
heading for high school

Bulldog plaque
the usual sort of belligerent
mascot symbol

Wonder if their fight song
is Hey Bulldog!
But really life is brief
why fight?

The haunted high school
in Summer break

Stately circular fa├žade
Great movie set I would think
wonder if ever so used

Public High School
a great institution
even as it stands
In some disarray
High school facilities
are magnets for vandalism
the kids know a lot is wrong
but I shudder to think
what would replace it

Technically Oakland
Technical High
Deserted today


Doctor's office Dali
Big sleep stay thy hand
while I am unaware
dreaming in echolalia 
July-August 2018