Monday, March 2, 2015

Garden Centering

The Flaneur discovers another lobe
to the sprawling gardens at Lakeside Park.

 It was a Sunday afternoon at nearly two

 With my special effects goggles on,
 A hummingbird drinks a drop of water
Suspended in mid-air

 The world is ever wonderous

 Wonder what lies behind
Yon curtain of trumpet-vine?

 A sub-tropical region of the imagination

 Flowers of a different kind

 I smell sex and kandy, yeah

 Wrap your troubles up in dreams

 A guy was making watercolors of this flower
They were like designs for dull wallpaper
He squawked when my shadow crossed his easel

 The hour has come 
Bid the Garden Center adieu

The Flaneur will return again
To this newly discovered bench
And the good times that surround

22 February 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Berkeley Today

Clouds really speak to me,
Yesterday they had a lot to say

 A little look around on a new month arriving hereabouts like a lamby lion.

 Known to get in your hair

 Ghost photo in the ice rink of the Overlook Hotel,

 The Gunman comes to town,
Thinning out the herd

The Elmwood Post Office under an unsettled sky

28 February-1 March 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Berkeley Post Office Today: Open City

Time has moved on for Berkeley's Pioneers,
It ain't being fixed and it ain't coming back

Someone broke a front-door window,
happened quite a while ago,

 Repair work snagged by polemics

But out front, in the light of day
Our desecrated flag was still there,

27 February 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Continuous Berkeley in February

 Celebration of the ordinary

The only  February in the last 36 that I haven't lived in Berkeley or Oakland was February 1980 when I lived in San Francisco. However I was working five days a week in Berkeley that year commuting from the big city by bus.
Join the Flaneur on a walk down memory lane in West Berkeley.  Seen here in passing, a mild and rare day in the rarest of  all months, all these years hence.

 West Berkeley Branch Library

Hadn't visited here in quite a number of years,
There was  recent extensive rebuilding

Enter another realm and read

Perception of the world is fungible

Cranial windows  let in the light

Transformed by the experience
You continue on

Faces in the streets

Nevertheless what's killing you
is what you consume

Not dead in Berkeley,
Nosiree, Bob

Anytime you're in need of a jeweled turban
or what have you

This shit was invented here

Marina Escapade

The pier seems to go on forever,

Filtered light on the gargantuan sun dial,
Nice and deserted here today

Nothing does go on forever, of course,
Eons are but fleeting events
in geological time

The North Bay in time,
In all its timelessness

I have come to hang five in one of my beloved
Peaceful and  lonely hang spots

Or maybe to hang ten,
For all the snowbound everywhere

Woven into the fabric of sea and sky

These flowers run riot this time of year,
They remind me it's almost Saint Patrick's Day

Boats on the Bay
All call it a day

Here comes my bus,
Time to redial the sun dial

25 February 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February in Berkeley

(Boots of Spanish Leather)
Troubadour on St Valentine's Day

 The Flaneur observes his 36th February in Berkeley
while the land from whence he came
experiences arctic blizzard and blast, alas, alas

Let's see what's going on
 Starting way off in old Rockridge

The tale of the little lost shoe

UC Octet at the Newman center,
Giving it their college all,
 I regret ever calling them "whiffenpoofters"

A distinctive house on Benvenue

Primum mobile hanging in the lobby

China doll in the vitrine window

The old entrance lobby

Now an arts-and-crafts style reading room

The Shaivite family
They're the toast of ganja town

Pedestrians along MLK
Black is back in Berkeley, baby

February 2015