Friday, February 17, 2017

Winter Walks on College: Another Side of Town

Winter walks on College Avenue:


toys and entertainment
after the early darkness falls

Winter months illuminated
by a radiant eternity

Newman Center

 Dwight Way

Newman center courtyard

It grows dark early

Convocation at Julia Morgan theater
tickets please

Saint John's
where one has attended
many early music
and Indian classical events

Native portrait

closed for the night

Instead of icicles

Toy shop

Space monkey

Some plush toys
want to know too much

Pirate ships,
are they still hip?

Plush toy hard-bop combo

Robot Hobby shop


Don't have a idea
what this is



All you can eat buffet

Art cinema

Painting of a snow scene
archetypal for many of us
symbolic of ancestral history

Christmas Mass
at Saint Albert's chapel

Saint Francis gave us the manger tradition

Saturday night youth house on College
all the lights are on
Moon and evening star pale behind

Jewel chest of Winter

that surpasses understanding

December-January 2016-17

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Round My Way

Up against the wall,


Dali, Andy, and Pablo
smoking the same joints

cut-up mailbox

New galleries
in Old Oakland

Mossy sidewalk
indicative of
our new rainy climate

New plank siding
on Washington Street

Nostalgic humorous
pickaninny cartoons
will they ever go
 out of style again?

Chinese New Year

Iconic Huey Newton poster image
painted in glitter paint
that's more like it

First full moon of 2017

High end tequila bar
projects old Mexican movies
like wallpaper

My boots want me
to take them out for a walk

Dinosaur skeleton
mushroom cloud

Everyday is a day
of the dead

8th and Broadway
looking North

There goes
a slice of the Eastern sky,
less noise and exhaust
may result

Our own strange
holiday mascot

Guerrilla art
wired to a chain link fence

Pagan steer's head
flesh peddlers

I dig a downpour
when I'm indoors

Stylized urban image
of Oakland

A new elf oil painting
lost a chunk but still sturdy

Up with the saints

It's like a legacy

Oakland pride stance

Raw street art

The Servant is the greater
of the two

Hot Dog Nation

There's often an XO example
on exhibition

Journey to the interior
of your skull

Come along if you dare

December-February 2016-17