Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oakland Outsider

Street surrealist

The Berkeley Flaneur
evolves into another avatar
the Oakland Outsider

Viewed askance
by some natives
as a stranger
who gets stranger

Wild bird attrition caused
by thoughtless

Vehicular manslaughter

Children's Fairyland

accompanied by children only

A book or a screen is one thing,
But the ability to sit and ride on
 Alice in Wonderland characters
Now you're talking
 a kid's language

It's a strange enough place
a patch-work quilt
of a child's imaginings

Rabbit loiters
on his day off
Closed Monday

The live oaks
in their fantastic forms
amplify the fantasy here
like very few other
amusement parks

Little kids love it here--
no scares even on

They changed old
Mother Hubbard
into a dark-skinned lady
Sort of courts the stereotype--
too many children

Slowly gradually
the wildfires are
being contained

As they say in
East London

Topiary dragon
still smoking

Smokey phantasms
camp followers
of the Northern wildfire

October 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Circling Berkeley: Drugstore Hellboy

The corny old spooks and scare
return again to the imagination
any escape from the smoke
and world entropy is well-received

Right across the lot
from the gourd-o-rama

An apothecary
with linoments and medicaments
and haunted sundries

The old-fashioned
American holiday
Actually started by the Irish
in Canada and New England

Gone 21st Century

From the carved turnips
of Samhain to a universally
 recognized symbol

We're archetypal now,

Disney is trying to
copyright the whole thing

And pass it on to Disney franchise
The Nightmare before Xmas

Bow-tie's are back

Stemware for the affluent
who resist growing old

Shaped pillow
dog toy sold separately

Many prefer
a gory old skull
rather on the huge side

There are skeletons hang
in some of the most
 prestigious closets

This benign fa├žade
has a ghastly secret
A bizarre tale too
serpentine to discuss here

The case of El Gateo
de Los Muertos

On a quiet street
near the Lake
where few people walk
on an October afternoon

No shortage of ghosts

or of human bones
my favorite phrase
these days

A nation of hungry

A lot of comfort dogs
among the remains

Trump trump trump
the alt-right rats are marching

Over the fields
and everywhere

Let's support
our awesome
fearless leader


The trope
of the vanquished

Your outside is in
so come on

You never run out of bones
dig a little deeper

Curious what's
under the counter?


Careful out there
perhaps an infra-red

1 October 2017