Friday, July 29, 2016

Dharma Beach Bum at 64


It's a traditional
tatooed Navy town

 I'm over in Alameda
on my birthday

 And it's July twenty-eighth
 my birthday 
same day of the year
 as Marcel Duchamp,
Maybe I'll get a crew-cut

Or my very first tattoo

 Considered these options
for like a split-second
and then came to my senses
maybe a escematic stroke,
a trompe l'oeil window
of the mind

Perhaps I'll stay
 with my original design
and wait for the bus
to the beach

Relaxation was my theme
these image captures 
were incidental

 Rent a kite-board,
keep going

 Just another almost featureless
shallow tide with brilliant sun
and persistent breeze

 I woke from a light nap
and found the gulls had
huddled around me,
they recognize peace

 The marks left by
time and the hand of man

 Just a pleasant 
low-key location

 For the young 
and for the old

 A visual cry

 I'll remember you 
great tree 
then eventually I'll will forget

 All summer long
we've stayed quite cool
while a heat dome 
torments the nation

 All along the telegraph
the wind chips away at us

 A day of indeterminate size
having taken shape,
grace indeed came falling

 When I came in 
this was waiting

For the person across the hall
 but not for me,
No diggity mylar anyway


 I'm fine with the flag I flew

 Nativity over,
just another day
after all

Everyday Dharma

28 July 2016

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