Saturday, July 30, 2016

Neo-Berkeley Arts


A capital of California culture
Follow Le Flaneur
on his aesthetic rambles
around the town

Look out
here comes the burning man


His face opaque
and inexplicable

as a ritual that matters

Oak Tree Paradox

The old stone house

Security is an illusion
Life is always a roll of the dice

Old wicker hope chest
Fiber arts 
at the Arts Passage

Strange disquiet
like a Gothic novel

All along the banks
of the royal canal

Wild Boar
 falls to the hunt
fresh meat for the table

Barefoot youth 
plays his electric cello

A noble and serious
 young musician

A passer-by was moved
to commence an
 interpretive dance

Sojourner Truthiness

Mail art opening
at ye old Berkleley P. O.

Faced with a certain criticism
I recall the words of Our Lord
Who said, 
Let he who hath not been stoned
Cast the first stone

add dimension
to mind

Proverbial one-thousand cranes
sort of a hollow cliche 
by this point

She was practicing clarinet
 her licorice stick in a cloth bag

Peachy summer outfit
for a Berkeley gal

Drive-by Brexit

Are you ready for the country?
because it's time to go

Adieu to the bookshops

Shabby Irish-American pub
Once managed to ditch some
pretentious elitist friends of Boron
by suggesting this place

Skies over beautiful
low-rise Berkland

CCAC looking rural
and unspoiled

 All's well
that ends well

July 2016

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