Monday, August 27, 2012

August Weather in the Inner Bay Area

The heat of a long hot Summer may make those who are elsewhere wish they were here--but a Berkeley Summer is not for the faint of heart.

 plum clouds going east
    the image of day is done
progressive indigo

indeterminate clouds
     hindenberg the hills
radio piano

friday the thirteenth
    an unhappiness of crows
deepens early dusk

        the giant kite

 a king-sized mattress
    mind colors in deep sky blue
take a nap on it

under a ceiling of fog
    too cold for crickets
people from the past

lavender blue clouds
    the hillside sudden copper
just for an instant

an august evening
     ominous folds of cold fog
like hills lost in snow

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Third Ball

Ah, the poignant indignities of life--the Flaneur shares an interesting email. Parental guidance is urged but is perhaps too late for the Flaneur himself.

I finally conceded to it last june when casually feeling my balls.
I noticed that was a third grape so to speak--a smaller one.
Since at least 1984 I have noticed a little thickness in my epididymis just got thicker.
A doctor said it felt normal at that time and it seems to be not a cause for alarm.
It is, wikipedia says, an spermatocele--a diverticulum of the tubes.
Sort of like an ox-bow in a river.  Sperms hang out in it.
So I was send to an ultra-sound image lab where
in a darkened room a young lady gave me a 30 minute ball job.
(so to speak).
You strip and lie down then she applies hot lube after having you "pull it all up."
She puts a towel so it all doesn't pour back down.
She told her name was Trisha.
She tells you she knows it's a sensitive area and that she will be taking a lot of pictures--
just to let you know that you will be tumescent before long.
And when I'm tumescent there's an anaconda in the room.
She's so close I had to recite hail marys to stop short of full jumping erection
or she would have been ducking.
Later she talked to me from behind a the curtain to tell me to wipe off now.
She'd even lubed the unit in her spree.
It was amazing foreplay; I have to admit I was horny that night.
I think I once told you of my newspaper baseball orgasm measure?
Two open newspaper sheets: first page is a bunt, second page is a single, third is a double, fourth is a triple,
beyond that is a home run.
Lately homeruns are somewhat less frequent, but that night I opened my eyes to find two homers, numerous triples and doubles, and lots of infield activity.
Well I'm not blocked off at least. Luckily I'd shaved last month so I looked neither denuded nor like the fuller brush man for the fair young technician.

a dirty old man