Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Look Out Brokeland


Lots of concepts under construction


 It's official a new building,
Mixed blessing yet no doubt
a civilizing influence

 Works by etch-a-sketch artist
R. M. Diaz
A very nice direction
for the hood to vibrate into

Oakland Birdland

 Installation view
with LP jackets
by opening night band

 Rueben Diaz himself was on hand,
Showing me his red vinyl 
calypso treasure

 Change is of course relentless
but it needn't be ruthless



 Bulbous razzle dazzle

 Holy vegan gelato
The anachronistic mariner
notes the tidal shift

I can't help it,
comes around

 The old sentimental arts 
are still viable

 Even this venerable place
is getting edgier
with the Animantarx replicas

 Each day is Valentine's Day
when you remember 
Universal Love

Taggart in the shadowy doorway
of Massive
hip-hop style salon

 Down Port-side  
I do go

 Like the movie star
 on the side of a truck,
I'm seeking spirits,
joie de vivre

Invigorating train pass
in the late morning sun

 Police boat harbor tour
for black school children,
Put a little fear of the Lord in 'em


proceeds unabated
on wide-open week days

 Back up Broadway

 The earth is moving today

It's an evolutionary process

12-13 July 2016

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