Friday, July 21, 2017

The Museum of Capitalism, Part Two

Under Construction
text to follow

I pledge allegiance
to the flag of the
Police State of America
and to the Plutocracy
for which it stands

Onward with our 21st Century
Late Capitalism has
decayed into Post Capitalism

I'm the
Chairman of the Bored

I won an award

Each page represents
a different position
I've taken on the same stock
--it's not morbid

New employees receive
orientation and indoctrination

Corporate logo banner
Hall of Honor

 performance work
was in progress

A brawny fork lift vehicle
moves forward slowly
while holding up a large
steel coffee grinder
which was running

One of the collaborating
artists runs the machine


Don't get hold of
the wrong end of the stick

There's no right end

I once said to a slick detective
from OPD on a free shuttle bus
Regardless of your ideology
you have to admit
f judges are too liberal
with trigger-happy cops
there's going to be a social cost

He had just chuckled about the
remodeling signs outside Bevmo
after they were looted in a recent riot

Black men smiled when they heard me
the handsome cashmere cop was taciturn

handcuff keys

In future
artificial intelligence
will guide our ideas
of punishment and reform

My smart phone lights up
the otherwise very dark room
where you lie on a pad
and hear indecipherable
relaxation tapes
It is a sinister relaxation
that is achieved

Chunks of pollution
from like fracking
or tar sands or something

Police persuaders
tasers crops stingers
and security wands

Happy vapor trails

20 July 2017

more to follow

The Museum of Capitalism, Part 1

(under construction)

Huge he high-quality show
up now at Jack London Square
across from the main marina
Up until 20 August 2017

Core sample
with handcuffs in amber

Text to follow
I'll continue to fill out this post
but I want to get some
boots on their grounds

How has Capitalism
change the Bay?

San Francisco with its new
donkey-dong TransBay building
Inappropriate to use
Jeff Sessions favorite word
Port of Oakland on the right
Alameda shipyard on the left

July 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Filings / Refraction Study

(in progress)

I employ the God particle
to repair the fabric
of the time and space

I'm tired of being
a frugal poodle
Kerouac was watching
the Frugal  Gourmet
TV show when he died
of many Kerouac fans
I have met
most never ventured anywhere
outside their respective
comfort zones

The assholes will
 inherit the earth

Impression of Ancient

My thoughts sink
to where I'm walking
on the fossilized bottom

Near what is now  Brazil
where the slave multitudes
were landed

Eons later it's Portugal Cove
Mistaken Point
surgical slippers

Over soft blue ashen stone
daisies stars orange segments
simplest forms writ large

Half a billion years into sea
Ediacaran Pompeii
Newfoundland style so dim

Labrador just before
the Cambian explosion
Coastal barrens

The edge of Avalon
self-similar modular patterns
oldest animal muscular motion

I asked the clouds
for a new assortment of thoughts
the old ones have
lost their edge
too round too liquid
too much quicksand

Full Moon

climbing over eighth street
dangerous moon of July
sexy young buy booze

Alien orange
go back out and gaze at it
I don't trust my luck

Minor algae bloom
bronze dragonflies are fucking
on the mucky muck

(shortly to continue)

July  2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Having the Craic in July

Everybody's happy nowadays

Salvage attempts
The last nostalgic captures
from the trusty old phone cam
re-captured on a cracked screen

My old blackberry spot

A bottle of THC soda
that the Lord gave me

German tour bus
parked at the Port

Lady at Figment
an arts fair in
 Mosswood Park

Oakland misses Prince
let's go crazy

One more
evil automobile

 has a ghoul-haunted

Got to return and
try to get this again

I only wanted to see you
sometime in that
Purple Rain

The hummers of summer
beat the bummers of summer

Maybe I can really salvage these
and many other interesting shots
in better shape otherwise adieu
to several hundred captures

Going to the Dyke March
in San Francisco
with copious flowers
in their hair

horse-morphic vehicle
at Figment Arts Festival


A  grim fairytale

She was sweet and warm
like everyone's favorite
high school art teacher

June-July 2017