Saturday, July 29, 2017


There's only one word for
the military occupation and ethnic cleansing
taking place in Palestine

29 July and
15 August 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017

Wangdangdoodle on 9th Street

Last Friday a party for Swan's market
 100 year birthday
with cake and ice cream
calling it my birthday party
(birthday which is today)

It's strange new world
on 9th Street
in Old Oakland

Try not to look like
some kind of white alien

Super Juice
They also serve
Mayor  Libby Schaff's special sauce
they use it to make a thick
Guap cover-up

We so far out
we down home

The drummer was heroic

The lead guitarist
didn't get his name
from Texas he said
that the Oakland blues
is Texas blues

Recently I had two strange incidents
of apparent prescience
The first I thought of trying for the first time
Berkeley Goodwill for a pair of pants
I imagined I'd get a pair of slim green chinos
and then found the one pair, new with tags
in my size. maybe because of the Leo effect
Then before this party I went to my nearby pad
for earplugs and a toke and I fantasized
that I would go back and be allowed to sing
"Smokestack Lightning" by the great, great
Howling Wolf
I returned to the party as
this singer took the mic
in what was a sort of review
with various woman taking turns singing
First thing she asks
Anyone remember Howling Wolf
I had to ask the guy next to me
what she had said
then when I said
Howling Wolf, he's my favorite
The guitarist who sat right near me
overhears and loves the fact I do,
Then they start the song
"Ooooh Smokestack Lightning"
and she ain't doing the howl
So I do the howl,
I do it quite well
She thinks it's one of the band
 and says thanks because she can't sing like that
The guitarist flips and comes over
to get me to do it a couple more times
He's talking to me while playing just fine,
Meanwhile the highly gifted drummer et al
are just kicking it
A troop of black West Oakland
Blues ladies file up and begin a very cool
synchronized dance
We over the top and I am in
A very happy time all around
I throw in the howl
in the places where it goes
The guitarist later said,
is Oakland

Despite the years and
perhaps a few extra pounds
these blues ladies could move

 This one didn't focus well
but it captures a great array
of moves, y'all

There followed soon afterward
 an intermission
with a lot of palaver

Then came a colorful
but ear-splitting
Lion Dance

I call this
Abstraction on a Lion Dance

Then the band
came back in black
starting with
Ain't No Sunshine
At another point the guitarist
is talking to a lady next to me
and a real pro back up singer
has to get his attention
to play the bottom of the song
You gotta play the riff
I tell him
Little kids
Chinese, Mexican,
and European Americans
enjoying themselves
in spades

Leroi Jones
Inamu Amiri Baraka
(who well-remembered me
30 years after our first meeting)
calls us
Blues People
Cake and ice cream are served
I have some then get in another line
for some of fancier cake
and take it on home to have
with coffee after I make me supper
That's how a poor man
stands such times
and lives
21July 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Theoretical Mail Art

Mail Art by design
that never went through the mail
is Mail Art in theory

Bad Dharma

Snuff Hustler

Golden State Summer

Alive Baby

June-July 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

America Great Again

Independence Day

Class Warriors

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Museum of Capitalism, Part Two

I pledge allegiance
to the flag of the
Police State of America
and to the Plutocracy
for which it stands

Onward with our bad 21st Century
Late Capitalism has
decayed into Post-Capitalism

I'm the
Chairman of the Bored

We won an award

Each page represents
a different position
We've taken on the same stock
--it's not morbid!
Why do you hate America?

New employees receive
orientation and indoctrination

Corporate logo banner atrium

 Performance work
was in progress

A brawny fork lift vehicle
moves forward slowly
while holding up a large
steel coffee mill
which was running

One of the collaborating
artists runs the machine


Don't get hold of
the wrong end of the stick

There's no right end

You are not the target

I once said to a slick detective
from OPD on a free shuttle bus

Regardless of your ideology
you have to admit
if judges are too liberal
with trigger-happy cops
there's going to be a social cost

He had just chuckled about the
remodeling signs outside Bevmo
after they were looted in a recent riot

Black men smiled when they heard me
the handsome cashmere cop
was taciturn

handcuff keys

In future
artificial intelligence
will guide our ideas
of punishment and reform

The chamber is lit
only by a narrow window
of green glass

My smart phone lights up
the otherwise very dark room
where you lie on padded shelves
and hear indecipherable voices
and subliminal rhythmic tones
-- advanced relaxation tapes

It is a sinister relaxation
that is achieved

Police persuaders
tasers crops stingers
security wands, whips
and a Yad

Happy vapor trails
to you

20 July 2017

The Museum of Capitalism, Part 1

Huge high-quality show
up now at Jack London Square
across from the main Marina
Up until 20 August 2017

 I want to get some
boots on their grounds

It's a free admission
full-blown museum-style show

Here we  are now
info-tain us

Corporate Logo
Hall of Honor

Commodify thyself

Better consider
the alternatives

Separation fence
The armies are at the borders
to stem the human tide

The rough industrial finish
its materials and textures
echoes the artworks
It is the perfect site-specific location
for this synthesizing
yet ground-breaking experience

With my whole heart
I stand with standing rock

Against the Koch family,
Against Rex Tillerson
Against Sheldon Adelson
Against the whole class
of the earth-despoiling
predatory wealthy

I'd call this the centerpiece
of the show

this is a Banksy work
appropriated and sold
 by Walmart

And yes
there is a gift shop
although on knowing
and somewhat ironical one

It expands into
a figurative 13th floor
a twilit zone
devoid of merchandise

In the capitalism study
two vending machines
one is free
the other requires 50 cents
Plastic globes with
mini Hershey bars in both

The Capitalist Bathroom Experience

Classic really,
California law prohibits pay toilets
for the most part
But this is more post-capitalist than those
This is one that requires that
one contain oneself
and supplicate oneself
to acquire a punch-in code

Core sample
with handcuffs in amber

Steel shibboleth stencils
 retail display

Government toxic site

Join the GMO parade

Toxic waste from like
fracking or deep water drilling
or tar sands or something

The Earth is
private property

Its landscape
flora and fauna,
its water

The soil
the minerals
the fossils

Its primitive
indigenous people

All jewels
in billionaires crowns

Anywhere out of this world
  bateau ivre

Its not without

The oiligarchy

Text to follow
I'll continue to fill out this post

How has Capitalism
change the Bay?

San Francisco with its new
donkey-dong TransBay building
Alameda shipyard on the left
Port of Oakland on the right

July 2017