Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bargain Night Noir

 Doctor Strange
Multi-dimensional adventure
experienced later on LSD
Confirmed by string theory

In the mood for a movie
on a night so cold and cloudy
A fifth of July

en route

 Bargain night at the 
Jack London Multiplex
Freaks come out at night
 children especially so

 Ticket takers
and security staff
seem sinister enough

on the knife's edge

 Staying up all night
via artificial device
while the stars blink out
one by one

 White Man
 of the Apes

Almost chose this one
aquatic survival struggle
a cherished genre

Guaranteed a few good scares
 A few too many as it turned out,
 I chose this one,
Horror films need to have 
some of the dull bits left in,
Ramped up two hours of chill and jolt 
expertly designed and  filmed,
Humorous to me was its portrayal
of Ghost-sleuths the Warrens
Whom I heard speak at my University
Mrs Meanlady wore the pants and
Ed Warren didn't habituate a gym
like this actor, more likely the donut shop


 The Ties that bind
atavistic relationships 
high school sweethearts

 Jewish giant
photographed by Diane Arbus
says she "came on" to him

 Spooks, freaks, mystics
and pyromaniacs
Hope I'm not afraid while
 walking home alone,
Should I meet someone wicked 
on my way

I fear no evil

What is more 
I got the Fantastic Four
and Doctor Strange
to help him on his way

5 July 2016

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