Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Berkeley Trip

Biker on College Ave
at Ashby

Little Red Corvette
Baby, you much too fast

So oft-told and old
  it sheds some snakeskin
along the way

 I'm bound for a psychedelic land
not so far away

 Bus stop at the Cathedral

Mild clear day on the estuary
the crowds of July 4th 
have vanished

 Thank you City Council
reads the marquee

In a massive overhaul of the old army base at the Port a shipping operation approved by the city tried to slip in a vast coal train terminal into the deal by bribing the very ministers who lead the nearby African-American churches. A community where many of the youth already have asthma from the highway and from industry, coaxed into a trade-off for the jobs it would supposedly create.
At the City Council meeting as broadcast in an excerpt on KPFA, a wry Brother stood to beseech the clergy men, "My brethren, my brethren,
leading your people into coal!"

Oakland Babylon
 a volcano ready to erupt?

 Border region

Street survivor
Hippy Larry

 Local colors

Portola valley
comes to mind

What you drive
says who you are

 Sunny sidewalk
same old dharma way

Homeward bound once again 
with newfound wisdoms 
and amusements

Cannabis billboard
Telegraph Ave

Screamin' Skull,
His surgical mask
created the effect

July 2016

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