Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cornball Fourth of July


Close to home
on Independence Day

Intense sunlight coupled with cool breezy air
Summer in the Northern Temperate Zone
what we call grooving
 on the most essentially traditional
 patriotic holiday

Corny enough for you
Yankee cheese doodle

It's a steady cool
repose outside the wind
the balance we seek in the sun

Shows President Gerald Ford's
imaginary exit wound

The President's yacht itself
The only President that matters

Modern Nautical Complexity 

Yet how continuous
the Fourth of July parade
really seems to be

Getting ready one's kite

Nice hues
I'm as color-directed
as a honey bee

Fireworks on ice

 There is the archetype
The marine fog that
 lingers visibly across the Bay
Still clinging to Twin Peaks
at two in the afternoon

Remarkable shirt on this guy
embroidered purple should cross
the whole thing dipped
in left-over dye

Let's see where he's headed

To Scott's?
Maybe the cruisey beach benches

A little fenced in area
under the towering palms

Exotic hen in a pen

Little girls love their llamas

Kids dig kid goats special
I read that a lamb can
calm a rampaging elephant

Hula-hooping in indigo tights
fun you can scream on

Native American hoops
in repose
can fascinate as well

First inhabitants
gave the world corn
Mucho arroz no mutato

Posted prohibition:
fireworks of all kinds
 no pyrotechnics after dark

Makes for a quiet 
old-fashioned Fourth

Doctor Solaris,
as if on cue,
What's he peddling now?

Potted garden 
A peacefulpopulace

A children's magician 
a few steps ahead
of his audience

Tropical Hot Dog Night
title courtesy of
 Captain Beefheart

Let Jolly Roger fly

Everybody's rocking their flag today

Well, what do we have here?

Why that snake oil-hustling

It's Doctor Solaris' cabin
and he's not around

Maybe I can slip inside unnoticed
Pry into the secrets of trade
so to speak

I don't scare easy....

Just then he rolled up
on his three-wheeled
cabinet of wonders

I don't want to get
caught up n his act

Become like one of his


So I pivot and  salute the flag
at the First and Last Chance Saloon

a perfectly restored Buick

San Francisco
our neighbor
not so far away

Up here I have my typical
marine sardine lunch with pumpernickel
Brandy and a blend,
Midnight and Candy Jack

Small crowds are nicer

Oakland couple celebrates with baby
She wore a cool flag chapeau

Doctor Solaris attracted
quite a large crowd


I could sneak a peak
around the back
while he's busy

but I feel like
I'm being watched


 By this  point

I was taking photos of photos

The Fence Project
original works by Oakland

 Time for me to go wide
and bid Jack London
a blissful tide

Farewell to Jack London
and good-bye to the Square

 So a festive salute
to the United States of America
240 years old

Great God Almighty
He was the poor man's friend,
 Jesse Winchester on the radio

I've got my own
 mystic doorway
to go through

4 July 2016

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