Saturday, April 22, 2017

Strolling Oakland: Chinatone to the Warehouse Zone

A walk on a cloudy Saturday last month
a cloudy Saturday just like today

As the crow flies
a bird's eye view
let's see
what I think I saw

 Into China like
a latter-day Marco Polo
 Somewhat gloomy
no one really knows
what goes on here

 Mysteries without solutions
like this quixotic vacant lot
untrampled amid the multitudes

Chinese throw shapes

 Ethnic notional wall paintings
turns out this is a gang headquarters
I snuck up and pounced on them
the pussies

Anti-white privilege
the process where one minority
claims the victimization and response
due to another far more oppressed

 The haunted Oakland Portal
the living are rarely present

The other side of the sculpture
a portal
over the tunnel to Alameda

 A red brick district

 Seen in A Hard Day's Night

 A wall as palimpsest

Around here
even the dogs
drink Guinness

 Nice textures
Couldn't tell if it was a gym
or a place selling gym equipment

Repurposed as housing
and modular biz space

West of the Rockies
Monahan monolith
the best-looking guy
in my high school was a Monahan
He seemed bashful about his good looks

Coin of the real estate realm

 Some guys have necks
thicker than their heads

Jack London Square
train station
end of today's trail

 Two o'clock in the afternoon

18 March 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017


A real lady now
Jailbait crush no more

She chose to style this peek-a-boo haute couture top
only to be jumped on my middle-aged, over-weight "feminists"

Head on a Plate (parts 1 and 2)



April 2017

Edible Complex

April 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Says he can't see being able to buy
 marijuana at the corner store
"That's not a healthy lifestyle!"
Apparently a healthy lifestyle involves
buying liquor and tobacco,
sugary and salty-fatty snacks
there instead

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Edible, Inedible Berkeley

Cool and rainy for Eastertime
Adventures out of doors compel

Coming in through Rockridge

A Texas-sized cup of java 
for an important errand
My 80-years young buddy
needs edible cannabis
He's been recommended in the past
but currently doesn't have a letter

I get him a half dozen cookies
 of unrivaled potency
and sample one myself
on nearby UC campus

 It was so chilly
it was like I forgot
me trousers

I hung out around the Campanile
sprinkles sent me sheltering on a bench
under a roof meeting Jake whom I noticed
 a student bright smiling face
He'd had the same edible before
and had a great sense of humor
His dad had been a Boston stand-up comic,
Told him I wouldn't forget him
and I meant it

Down on Sproul plaza
an accordion player accordingly
leavened the mood

Some sort of art project
was being installed
420 Holiday this week,
I'm having an early 420 day myself

Students are energetic
about getting attention

 Sis-boom rah-rah days
are here again

 Curl up in library alcove
on a showery day

Summon your Aristotelian
inner world

Californian Gothic original
library and art museum

A real entertainer
He's ginger you notice

Berkeley itself

Besieged by wisteria

First visit to the Tool Library

Preternatural drinking fountains

An attractive space

 Floral windows
of the soul

 Teach a man to fish
and loan his gear

Next door neighbors came in
and elaborated profusley

It's a Thai temple
that also feeds a lot of people
for donations I think

Striking it is

Another mysterious
wisteria house

This place is like a ghost town
consisting of one house

Near Civic Center park
where the Farmer's Market had to cancel
due to Alt-right political violence
Hard biker-type alcoholic veterans
are touring college towns
to bait incite and beat up the locals

The man played on

I utilized bus pass and shoe leather
to head back up to Rockridge

Dazzling Easter flower
in a shop window

 Took a seat in a bookstore
to spend a little time

Ferlinghetti painting in the library
he's getting better than atrocious

Magical gardens
along Lawton to Manila

 Springtime in light rain
the biosphere flexes and throbs

Finally my pal's pad
on Manila
Coffee to chase my euphoric edible

April 2017