Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter Lights In Golden Gate Park

in progress

7 December 2017

The annual event augented this year
by a fantastic light show
projected from within
the Conservatory of Flowers
And a Winter Carnival midway
through the pitch black
and chilly park

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Noel Noir (mail art)

Felix The Cat
Hits Rock Bottom

Dinosaur Debutante Planet

Rage in Toyland

9 December 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Adventures in Advent I

When will it be Christmas on Earth?

The first week in Advent
a profound memory
being blessed

the old I Magnin building
I'm old enough to remember
busy Xmas shopping here and
at Emporium across the street

Paramount theater
in the ideal sunlight
of December

Sheila E is going to perform
the entirety of Joanna Newsom's "Y's"
but apparently not until next year
maybe he ran out of 7

Old Glory is looking
a little limpid

But two angels
lead me on past
 the religious gift shop

 the tree of life
let's join his cause

Advent wreath
until He cometh
with clouds

Meet me Jesus meet me
meet me in the middle of the air

I will know my Savior
when I come to Him

By the marks where
 the nails have been

 The greatest story ever told

Is still infolding

After there are
 no more books
in circulation

The Advent candles
set before
the majestic image
of the Messiah

I think the Mexican-American parishoners
demanded some tradition
The modernistic metal statue
of the Madonna here
seems to have few real fans

The beauty of a time-honored icon

Wade in the water
and be baptized
the estuary awaits
with or without you

God's going to
trouble the skies
trouble the waters

In the font of holy water

 I am baptized again

Out through the sepulchral
basement passage

Traditional d├ęcor prevails
in this more secular hallway

Mascot for all the security guards
more of them than the faithful today

The Oaks of Oakland

Frugging madly

The old oak tree
into the sky

And look who's there

A charming squirrel
an old old friend

his bushy red tail

We are deep in an
Antifa Zone
you'll be glad to know

Black crows are massing
over Lakeside Park

Tippi and Alfred
Sitting in a tree

 Incredible number of birds
only hinted at here

A frenetic murder of crows

First they'll take
Lake Merritt

Then they'll take.

Augering good or augering ill
The crows are without doubt
a portent

4 December 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017

Rotten Tom Cotton


Naw, it's only the treasonous
Rotten Tom Cotton 
Head of CIA

As a freshman congressman
he wrote the letter to Iran
threatening to negate a US treaty
signed by the President

Paving the way

Anyone remember that John Cale song

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Black Friday: Window-Shopping Only

You're just window-shopping
you're never stopping to buy

Buy Nothing Day
I went South
to see what
there was to see
behind the looking glass

Alameda offered as ever
a journey to the past
in the now

whenever in doubt
keep your card
in your wallet

For what ails you

This is sexy town

Shrine to a tragic

Fancy meeting you here

That's right...
Santy Claus is a-coming
to dog town

Whenever Frosty
thinks of Marilyn

his nose gets longer

Beginning to look
a lot like

Everyday melodrama
the lost dog

$2,500 for Millie
I'll keep an open eye

Maybe eaten by a shark

The world after all
is mostly ocean

With it's own style
of holiday
festive decorations

The gang's all here

Grouchy curmudgeon fish
know the score

It's all about eat
and be eaten

And yea
though RAY walks
through the jaws of death
he fears no evil

Ohlone woman

Previous populations
of Alameda

Something happ'nin
You just sailed in
to the Twilight Zone

Said to be haunted
by coastal ghosts

Could use a skate sandwich
about now

Coots a plenty,
I informed a holiday family
of its nomenclature,

From it we get "an old coot"
a phrase that might be used
to describe
someone like myself

The pecking order
all familiar faces

High tide and end of the year
abundance of food

Mineralism revisited
an enjambment

In the rocks
there are...

hidden colors

Graphic plant
turns monochrome

While many can hang
I must migrate soon

Eternity is
ever nearby

Through the thicket
of thought

Wow Millie has doubled
in value against
time and loss

Hey now

Gorilla Glue?
I smoke it all the time

This being the USA
of California
I am free to do so

Now he already looks 
several sails to the wind

On strong brew

I'd join him
but I hear
another siren

Always a seagull on the roof
in Alameda

the actual nightmare
 before Xmas

Eventually they'll
add the rest of the holidays

Under the tarot-fied
Xmas tree

Grumpy Cat menorah

You didn't even know
he was Jwish


Only the Pinball Museum

Harlequins, wild dames,
Noirish clowns
they go way back

Having yet another

The groovy scuba shop

Candy-colored wet suits
My brother had one
I put it on once and
hated the sausage feeling
If I had one now though
I would swim at
frigid SF Aquatic Park

Especially if I had
my booties on

So if you're wondering
what to get me

Fetching Frankie plate

Some Glue perhaps?

Always a pleasure
an euphoria even

So long Norma Jean

Right about now
I could certainly use

A nice new
bat pillow

One sleepy cat
am I

The sunset was acqueous
almost submarine

I dreamt about
travelling through
a sand worm hole

 with the fishes

24 November 2017