Wednesday, August 16, 2017


An amusing incident took place
during this casual installation
and documentation

Another monochromatic
in the twilight zone

an XO vessel
filled with water
wearing a red cap

What does it read?
Can't quite make it out

While I was taking these
photo images

Roll up,
Roll up for the Oakland Police 
Not only driving slowly
up to where I stood
but stopping for a long red light
even with me,
Hate to have to rationalize
my presence and behavior
for their amusement,
disown the hat so to speak,
But they weren't interested
in me apparently

There it is...
New Mexico 
a red state I take it

This is in the immediate vicinity
of the police bee hive,
Have previously wondered
if my activity might
attract any interrogation

But no
this may still be
a free country after all,
Because the cops don't need you
And man the expect the same

July 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Last Plug-In for Pop-Up


Core sample
Smart phone in amber

Some last thoughts
and remaining image captures
from the Museum of Capitalism
Installed in a temporary art gallery
in Jack London Square it is
on view until 20 August

Boundaries and maps
cities and wasteland

Addictive capitalist commodities
found along the route

Fifteen cigarettes
on a dead man's chest

Even included

Note the so-phony
nature theme
not a mention
of disposal of toxic butts

Clever packaging

The road to hell
is paved with
good marketing

 There was a good swig left
I tried it and felt OK
I of course didn't smoke
any of the cigarettes,
Would I cause more
or less suffering
if I gave them
to a street person?

The Potomac revs up
for another cruise,
Hard to believe it
was once junked
sunk and later resurrected

I listened to the band warm up
but didn't remain in earshot
past a dilapidated
Beatles song

Red white and blue
locked and loaded
ready for action

Love to have the energy
to attempt fishing from such a craft,
I mentioned at my age
you find the guy's boat
going around in circles
and the old geezer missing,
This just happened at Tomales Bay
an old oyster farmer
who skipped the life-jacket,
The young employees laughed
and they were interested but
completely uninformed
about the nearby Museum
of Capitalism,
The older guy behind
the conversation did not seem
to dig the drift of our conversation,
I nonchalantly shoved off

Into the salt water
you go

Kayak samurai
psyches himself up

Off he goes
as seen from my bench


Location of
the Museum of Capitalism,
Up that red flight
of stairs

Boats go by
boats go by

God blesses America

The National Mall
with white denims
 the thing this Summer

The flag seems
to follow you
around its space

The original inhabitants
of earth
never imagined
how its resources
 might be
better managed

Here's your planet
and extracted

The wealth-creators
express their

Jewel box with
miniature coffin
 and carpet
on a wooden floor

Bankster noir

Surveillance technology
is making rapid strides
toward singularity,
Since God died
man has had
to re-invent Him,

and the
Second Coming

Attractive and
take-away lit

A flag hangs
before its mirror image
in a photo
from Standing Rock
Frontline in
 the struggle against the
petroleum-security complex

muscle truck

Total security
provides us
with the feeling
of security

July 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Yesterday's Theater

Back to the Grand lake
first time in decades
last film I recall seeing here
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
first run

I'll be right back
Splash Pad

First got to cop
my ticket

Back to the Park
not to splash down
so much as to
blast off

Back inside
not so much with
eyes you've not used yet
but with a refreshed mindset

Almost show time

of timeless truths
and suffering

In aged splendor

An antique curtain
all that it bespeaks

A Magic Carpet

Turning to gold
in enhanced

Turning into
the fabric of dreams

Red window
of the end of the world

The Mothership

The lights go down
the archetypal experience
of a dream
begins in darkness

The curtain rises


A glorious experience
not a war movie
more raw survival
on land on the sea
 and in the sky
incredibly filmed

Projected in glorious 70 MM
ones flies low over water
in verisimilitude

As old as Europe itself
 Time to descend past
the crystal chandelier
and out to daylight

where I've actually been
in 1985,
where the night train
from London to Paris
hops the channel

11 August 2017