Friday, June 23, 2017

On the Prowl

Hot or cold
I'm snug
under my lamp

My non-redneck neck
of the concrete jungle
Join me in my curiosity shop

Shrouded in commerce
and construction

White picket fences
hop-scotch and
lemonade stands

Chased by a Voodoo Ranger

Can't stop the carrots
carotene helps you see
them coming up
and going down

Clouds doing their job
 the Port of Oakland

A sweet new Irish spot
on lowest Broadway
photo of Oscar Wilde
that sort of place

a bottom's up
blessing from Eire

Look for ward to a visit
someday soon,
join me

A grid-map
to remind me
it's again precisely
that time of year

 Get me off my velvet throne
and out walking

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
when I pass it by
after twilight descends
I get a sensation
that someone is watching
from within

 Ship window
in an office arcade
social well-being and
public defense

A nice feeling
in the dry garden

Bullshit artists
post styrofoam
in serial form

Local critics obliterated
each and every one

 Shout out to Seymour!
We need more
near-sighted cannoneers
like him today

He's still around
making the scene

Such as it is,
An insufferable elitist
next door is attempting
to snuff out the
Opera house

Time to return
to my rocking chair
and my classical radio,
to a jar of brandy
and a big fatty

May-June 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Click Clack Click-Through

Freight train
to the End of Time

Freight train, freight
moving so fast


 Here's Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
performing the original tune "Click Clack":

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Flower Child's Garden of Verse

On the last full day of Spring 2017
not so much verse
but haiku-esque
orphan inscriptions
disowned by Tennyson
and by Basho

content northern breeze
long time under some old oaks
at last the heat broke

of unseen origin
nearby in the trees
gulls instantly take to the wing
vast numbers of geese
come walking intently
to the cove
of the estuary
called a lake

different movements
in the top of various trees
today came the marine air

yellow bumble bees
in plush team jackets
work the orange poppies

high fliers frolic
like hyper butterflies
then jet off
utterly agile
air command
are these swifts?

iridescent green
hummy in and out deep pink
then onto yellow-red

one of two bee-birds
original blue angels
only more dazzling

rapid thrusts to pierce
yellow-red bunches relentlessly
 jousting for nectar

hovering here now
a large monarch heraldic
in orange and black

vehicle backs up beeping
squirrels having none of that
dashes past on the footpath

a noisy small plane
red squirrel's not having it
dashes again past my bench

one of the compensations
for losing one's looks
is to see the difference
in people
from when one was young
and at least somewhat
the wisdom of it

second dark black man
passes by who perhaps
would enjoy occupying
this last shady seat

slender young
in a white t-shirt
makes a swishy
hand gesture
as he shuffles off
in oh snap

when someone
assumes I'm cruising
I think
assume what you may
but please you don't
have to let me know
you're not interested

neither am I

two boys two girls
Mex kids reaching  the fountain
squeals of utter joy

Near the fountain
under a bench
a large dead animal
maybe a roof rat
who lived in the palms
I told myself it was
an opossum
told a garden worker
on the path out,
an affable African-American
he bordered on
how big?
he gestured seven inches long
I held up fourteen,


In the after Mass
the cathedral's till buzzing
Christ's after-image

19 June 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

Berkeley Squared

June is the swoon round here
students evacuate
the sun is hot the air is cool

On becoming
and empty

Suitcase for the timid

native flash
and filigree

Guess you better
slow your mustang down

like a catfish

Mustang Sally was parked
in front of this building

And parked right next to it

What I believe
used to be called
a Cobra

Some ego-nerd must have
bought the company

Becoming Summer lawns

Blues cruise

on the Potomac
historic presidential yacht

I listened to them warm up
 from landing where
it was loud enough indeed

I know my natural blues
and they could play it
You can't last a month in Oakland
without a very funky drummer

This sculptural chariot
was stashed Portside
probably belongs to a cop
or fireman

Tangle of Spring

Back to the North Pole
beware of the polar bears

if you are

He who dies with the most toys

Really past due time
for adult men
to get rid of the sports
and toy collections
and act like men

Call me RAY Man

In my imagination
I am in following in
Jimi Hendrix' footsteps

May-June 2017