Saturday, December 30, 2017

eau de vie / refraction study

by a strange chain of events
dropped the joint in some water
not for so long a time
I can even remember ever
a mighty fresh holiday joint

dried out it developed
an odd aftertaste
nevertheless it
still pulled the rabbit
out of my figurative
top hat

You notice the ages
in obituary pages

civilization runs out
empty calendar girl
pipe line unfinished
spewing a tidal wave
of regression
reduced to primordial ooze
tar pits skin tannery
tattooed beauty parlor
robotic empty bus goes by
obscure canned foods left
on tacky street corners
the unreal real
appears where it wasn't
no newspapers to stain
all the men in uniform

anyone who remembers
the meaning of anything
remind me

Empty new building
stole almost all my moonrise
the gelatinous moon

Lakeside Garden

alone a large loping butterfly
seems to follow me closely
no other butterflies around
today and the only one
is paying attention to me
never happened this way ever
when the garden is giddy
with their wings
I may have little ditsy young ones
tail after the color of my shirt
but never this long slow motion
dance trailing sunlight
until he fell away again


behind the baseboards
food going astray
I hold over it
a dinner roll
it is snatched away
 a tawdry horror flick
then a blurry furry animal
leaps out behind my neck
away it goes
frightening others

Concentrating on cirles
jitterbug jiggaboo
shake 'em on down
to the bottom of the blues
turn tabling
a tired tree
mesmerism voodoo

domestic woes
a panoply of dishpans
crashed down upon
my brow unprepared
we forgot about the turkey
and walked too far
we got sawdust on the floor
dogs had eaten the LP jackets
driven wild by the aroma
of the roasting dinosaur
and yet the records still played
Burning Spear and Link Wray
late of my old friend Jim Tate
some guy had twenty bump stocks
bumping into the Macy's parade
new species migrate through
the burning December
mining the darkness
over Bear's Ears
thousands to hold the ropes
on the hot air leviathan
jamming through
billionaires row
super luxury towers
too tall too late

digging the hole
on the ocean floor
I saw the door
in the sky

to find the ladder
the staircase
the escalator
the monorail
to reach the door
finiculi finicula

December 2017

Friday, December 29, 2017

Queer Christmas in America

Notice anything about this doll?

It's a boy!

 A boy who makes eyes at other boys

It's about time,
Homophobia hurts kids

Don't be an elf on the shelf
Wear your love like heaven

Recent NY Times obituary
for Flawless Sabrina drag pioneer
with photo of her at Cannes
with Rachel Harlow and "unidentified others"
including obscure actress Catherine Deneuve!
   NY Times on the skids...sad

Walking by the Lake
across from the Cathedral

 Some one was waving
waving his flag

he waved and waved

His flag was a variation on
 "Don't Tread on Me"
from the Revolutionary War
The snake now with
rainbow colors

He sensed that
I was capturing his image
And stood proud

23 December 2017

The Feast of Stephen

 Oh dear,
Yesterday's reveler
passed out in the grass

Under this great spreading tree
West side of the Lake

What a relief when he finally moved,
meant he wasn't dead or anything

Scantily clad all in black
an authentic Punk
in every sense

He rolled over
and kept sleeping
on the chilly lawn

He'd better be careful
'Cause now it's
Winter in America
in every sense of the word

Not that Oakland isn't still
a place where a guy can sleep
under the central oak
right in front of City Hall and
allow his ass to hang on out

Two old coots
pair-bonded for life


for Holiday


Sativa sidewalking

26 December 2017

Joyeaux Noel
Cool Yule
Merry Christmas
and all hope
for 2018

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In

Oh what will be on Christmas day
On Christmas day on Christmas day
On Christmas day in the morning

Morning Mass

 Road weary,
I ran into Santa
It was embarrassing
he had that thousand mile stare

What it's all about

Not stopping here today

Across the estuary

The priest was still speaking

But I was late for Communion

But the Nativity
which is on-going

Semitic queenly
an old seller of hashish
made good

Another Magus
was Nubian
but not we are told
a Son of Ham

Christ was born
more than 2000 years ago

Is still with us in
an every day miracle

The European looking King
I identify with him

Altar candle snuffer
a very inclusive parish
is this

Our Lady

Outside a bevy of
Ethiopian women
one brought over to me a tray
of unleavened pita like bread
chewy and good,
It may have been a eucharist
from a separate communion

I went down by the head
of the Estuary
to continue my sacraments
Cananbis chocolate
 a few puffs for lift off
Shore birds and people
happy walking dogs

Then a festival of bell ringing
spread over the collective
peace and joy

When it ended I located myself
up here on the hillside
behind the church almost
even with the steeple

An thrilling discovery
of untrammeled
un-trashed and un-camped
land gone to nature
with no fence and no
no trespassing signs


It must be land
owned by the church,
Chester thought Jesuits
held the deed

I loved being here
if but for a moment
I needed a place
to take a leak with discretion
 in peace

A hidden library
so discovered
the dead sea scrolls

I'm a cranky old lantern
myself these days
Gothic thoughts persist

I feel surrounded
by gargoyles

I still aspire
to holiness
come what may

Never cornered
always ultimately
free to join
the Communion of the saints


Some Acme bread
extended my stay in the Park,
I had a date with pretty ballerina

So I slalom on down
the swollen pathway
to the land of the

Home to the old
Black Tranny
who lives in a shie

That's fine
you can be proud here

Doesn't matter if you're
black or white
pink or purple

This is after all

We stop for topiary dragons
Inspired Walt Disneyland,
Inspired Jeff Koons' Puppy

But alas
the gates are locked today
for peace and quiet on Christmas

The ghost train
to Fairyland Past
No one goes there any more

Here we go again...

Once upon a time

He's got his freak on
because it's Christmas
--no kids around

 Pollinator garden in winter
a hummingbird flew off
before I could catch him

Artificial butterflies
swung in the great oak tree
festooned with fairy lights

The orange lights are
thought to be
the fairies themselves

O Blessed day

3. Christmas

My Christmas tree
at Solstice sunset

Coca Cola can
The Great Anthropocene
Extinction Event

Preservation Village
warren of lawyers by day
 haunted by night

Digital corporate Christmas

At the ASK building

Metallic giant pine cones
are the theme this year

Entirely different from
what they had last year
I saw a truck unloading
corporate Xmas decorations
from another high-rise
two days later


Outside it all
I saw the Moon
and I saw
Angel of Darkness

Ave Maria
ora pro nobis

25 December 2017