Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Days

 I dreamed I saw
the American Flag
flying in the sky over
 The People's Park

A period of sun
in mid-afternoon
then the marine layer returns

In my 37 years in Bay Area
I'd say maybe half were nearly as cold
as the past week has been
Hot sun cold air
we're up in the mountains
sitting by the sea


 Blue Lake beans
Chinese Farmers' market
in Old Oakland

A skilled guitarist played
I sang along with
Norwegian Wood


 Here inside
the Marco Polo Zone


I discovered myself in
El Cerrito
Credence Clearwater
Revival's hometown

Looking for
 the key to the highway

I'm on the sidewalk
on my way to
Downhome music

Berkeley fades
comes into focus

the usual

Cool First Nation guy
with white wolf headdress
I guess Rasputin
in the seat behind him
didn't like having his
picture taken on BART

Ad in the Express

Botanical Berkeley
Met a friend for a smoke-out
and walk about

Coming in from campus as
fog overwhelmed the sun
An unusual cafe


Music from
Pink Big

New bike racks
on Telegraph

All on one short street

Serious gardening

Redwood shelters
an old-fashioned home

Flying the flag
for real

Extra texture

The hands of plants
reach for me


Cold again cloudy
the wind whips
the flag of Oakland
Hanging for months
by one corner of the flag

End of the month
and I need vegetables

This is Don
the gardener

Always busy at work
but helpful to visitors

Some people help others
and look around to make
sure that they're noticed,
Others just quietly
help other people

He does the plantings,
the artistic signage,
and elegant structures
for things to grow on

I left with shard, kale, celery, carrots
garlic and lots and lots of beats

edible color
and beauty

All power to the people

27-30 May 2017

GMO Holiday

28 May 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

XO ICE II- A Happy Accident


An Experiment
goes slightly awry

I suspect it burst in the freezer
because I added the watercolor



 Shattered, shattered

24-25 May 2017

The Event Horizon


Trump the insult comic dog
visits BiBi the War Horse's ass in
the military occupation of Palestine

Something wicked this way comes

better get ready

ready for

Ralph Nader says
that as soon as it all
starts to go to hell
for Drumpf-Bannon
expect 911 the Sequel

* Light show
 Roger Waters' concert
in Mexico

21 May 2017