Saturday, July 16, 2016

Penultimate Port Park

Solid mountainous fog bank
doesn't relinquish Twin Peaks tower 
or the Golden Gate bridge

Industrial arts cow

An afternoon of adventure awaits
 with old pal Joey Know

 Meeting him at the Ferry landing
here he comes now...

 Well it's noon where's Ray?

Not in the crowd waiting to board the Ferry

 Hey, Joe

 Sounded like it came from behind me

 I'm up here

 We're agreed
a bagel sandwich and a soft-drink
for a Port Park picnic

It's way, way
out in the Bay
almost in San Francisco 

To get here we drove through
Hundreds of trucks lining up at the ships
Like when a highway
when you have trucks on both sides
Only here it was trucks all around
and nothing but trucks
alhough at mostly moderate speeds,
It was too mind-blowing for me
to take pictures,
Never saw anything like it

Far beyond the cranes
at the Port near the Square 
my usual haunt


 So broad and wide open
it's like a Dali seascape

 A silent greeting
from an historic train tower
exhibit called
"Room with a View"

 Really a fine place to sit and cogitate,
wrap-around expansive Bay view

 The Port is thriving today
This is a customs station
 foreign matter lands here

Post modern view of the Port
A mecca for container ships

 Trains still delineate the parameters,
Mythology left from an heroic age

 Approaching the pedestrian limit

An octagonal pier 
fisherman and a few sight-seers
wind up here

 San Francisco 
from sea level

The final peninsula
of  the North American landmass
Keeping the glacial fog at bay

 miles away

 It's not like any place
you have ever been

 It's a very serious place

 You don't want to attract 
any attention if you dig
attempt any ambiguous activity

A fond last look
at the Pier Train Tower

Sculpture we assumed,
Joe thought fish
I switched from an antenna
to spermatozoa with deformed tails

So long
It's been good to know you
Woody Guthrie's birthday yesterday

The lines of trucks were facing us
as we drove out,
Just the cabs awaiting new loads,
like two story dwellings on wheels
with bright enamel armor plating,
Heading into battle
bound for the road-warrior future


Back home a Friday night
protest march is astir

The Bad Cop Copter
was on his game

I'll save the entire tale
for next post

I took a nap
falling asleep I'm still 
far out on the bay

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