Monday, July 18, 2016

Band Concert in Lakeside Park


July can be a rousing
summer month
of public comaraderie,
Let it be in the name
of the banner
if it must

 I prepared
with my libations behind 
the lawn bowling clubhouse

 Mozy on over
 half-way through

 He's a serious and
learned conductor,
 apparent to anyone


 The orchestra weren't bad neither

 Plenty of what you might expect
in an outdoor band stand
in July

 The conductor really got his light
from under his bushel barrel

 When they played
 a medley of Brubecks'
Take Five

 Maybe some commemorative for Dave,
the conductor spoke some 
valedictory words

 Then he brought up a little girl to conduct
Gladwyn Horsey
I thought I heard

 She was winsome
and she applied herself to the task
with enthusiasm

 Other children formed 
a patriotic march

Mom leading them

 Even the littlest children
 want to join in

 Piccolo solo

 My salute to the
Oakland Municipal band
Playing with gusto
and civic pride under
 marine-influenced skies

On to the bus stop
at the top of the lake

A grand old house
commanding a spectacular view
of the estuary

Above a
 Native American mural
 a billboard in a parking lot

Here comes the 12 bus
time to make happy trails
indoors get supper started

Tears for the creatures
of the world,
Better days are coming

far over

17 July 2016

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