Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Week in Oakland: Friday's Aftermath

The morning after
raises its head

Despite an urge to just slack and nurse me cold
I was out running a few errands on the town


Fake blood stains,
gritty shattered glass

Someone has to clean up

Painted over graffiti 
an abstract figurative painting
of "Hands up,
Don't shoot"

it reads

 for assassinated cops in Texas,
First time it has flown since 
the last demonstration
took it down

What would Ali say?

How Oakland see itself

 How it would like to be seen

 The reality
 is perhaps slightly
 more predatory

 But we even have our own 
Homeland Security patrols

 Big Capital intends
to follow San Francisco
and make this a real
machine for the wealthy

But they have to factor in
large numbers of the defiant

 And large numbers
of Mexican-Americans
and the jails next door

 Can we be intelligent enough to share?


 A quilt of all colors
equal and worthy of respect
no ghastly rich, 
no wretched poor?

No assault weapons,
no private arsenals,
no private armies

A democracy  with personal privacy 
and with a responsible
security apparatus

An up-link truck
moved in while I was out,

Just as every other night
 still in late daylight,
A lady beds down peacefully
undisturbed by the cops
as they come and go
from headquarters

8 July 2016

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