Thursday, July 21, 2016

Neo-Berkeley in Technocolor II

The Way to Blue

Bear Country
 imagine a bear wearing a fez

 Saki fetishism

Realistic charred flesh toys

 served here

 Cool outdoor ceiling indeed
Big deal over the salvaged wood,
Leaves outdoor fan running
on a cool breezy day even when
closed for biz

 Ice cream is for children

 arrested flower childhood

 Bernie Sanders 
schlepped here

 Massive influx of calories is OK
If you combine it with episodes 
of massive calorie burn-off

 Patrons huddle in refuge 
from hyper-kinetic screens,

 I bought an early dinner at Bongo-burger
and ate al fresco on the lip of campus,
 as I crossed the street
 phantasms came to meet me

 (see screens
Neo-Berkeley in Technicolor
Part one)

Home The Long Way

Splendor on the grass


 After the museum it was back 
to apparent sensory phenomena
Addison street

There was a large plastic garbage bag
full of woven items all new
prices tags on a lot of it,
Abandoned on the sidewalk,
I took a few items and left one
on the doorstep of a friend,
It was enough to open a flea market stall

A keeper


 Back to Bear Country,
oh, Leonardo...

I had a crepuscular
 dental appointment

 After a few replaced fillings
face still numb,
I got to cannabinize in earnest,
As I did I caught sight of 
of a giant purple bus

Curse you, giant purple bus

19 July 2016

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