Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chopper, Bad Cop Copter

He's the Tom Cruise character
on a tainted force

Friday night Protest 
didn't amount to much
after the walloping demo
earlier in the week

A lovely night,
woke up from a nap
after a big day at the Port Park


They've been digging up 
an incredible amount of dirt 
on the Oakland police lately,
Running underage prostitutes
 Isn't what they are paid to stop?

 But, hey,
What me worry?

Just one fly in the ointment 
the thrum, thrum, thrumming 

 Lord, Please protect us
from the power of the State

 Chopper on the job

 Babylon put on the pressure, man

Here comes the motley protesters
 maybe one hundred strong
stopping the lawful traffic
 on Broadway

 Chopper lets them know
they are being watched

 The mob reaches 
Police headquaters,
The camera decides
it's dark out now

 He put in an application 
for rubber missiles
from Homeland Security

 Unable to reach a quorum
or quantum mass
They proceed past
A squad car follows tight

 Chopper's steamed
He's west of the moon now

Mob continues west of the highway 
aggressive traffic on the ramps
holds them at bay,
That bright blue light
the accompanying cop car

 Chopper, Bad Cop Copter
he's a real bitch

 Gets himself in a snit
and circles around  the moon .
like a pissed-off hornet

 Got his panties
all in a tangle


 A nice night
until he showed up

I was going to go to the store

15 July 2015


Chopper was back early yesterday. 
BLM protesters chained themselves to the doors
 of the Police Association, Credit Union, and Cop supply shop
(All of whose edifices have appeared in nocturnal images 
captured on previous Flaneur posts)
Why a helicopter is necessary when a only
a small stationary protest is taking place
can only be understood as a punitive measure against protest
and a collective punishment of the local community.
As I crossed Ninth coming back
I shook my fist at the stationary Chopper
Then I noticed I was crossing in front
of a bulbous cop-mobile either stationed there 
or stopped while cruising the block
observing me with ennui,
maybe a slow motion dawning of a sense
of the widespread community resentment

 21 July 2016

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