Friday, April 28, 2017

Project XO XO by Night

XO by night

This night-strike installation
was almost like a mean prank
the medium could easily
be mistaken for actual hootch

XO (installation view)
impromptu lighting via
 the two matchbooks I ignited

22 April 2017

More Musings in the Marco Polo Zone

Curiosities along
7th, 8th, and 9th streets
my vicinity and environs


Large calligraphic scroll
in Chinatown library

Asian-theme branch

Old Oakland gallery windows
embracing immigration to
North American
Primitive humans landed in San Diego
130,000 years ago
everyone else is a newcomer



Plenty of flesh-peddling
goes on

Flowers for sale
at the Friday Famer's Market

A lovely lady buys some

I see a lot of Crayola hair
I see a lot of Crayola hair
 these days
but her hair was perfect

 Today's an exhilarating
day in Spring
after so much chilly rain

Remembering David
a year later
 Ziggy went to
Sleepy Mountain

Vapor trails go by,
there's no one driving

Decorative objets d'arte
offered on Broadway sidewalk


Along the seismic seam between
 Old Oakland, Chinatown
and the West Oakland Police State

This emporium is  a mere block
away from where I live
I buy stoneware plates there
replacements for the ones I break

By the time I took this shot
the young counter-guy squawked
It was just a diversion though

I really wanted to get a image
of their security camera matrix
Last time I was in, the guy was staring
at the empty store as if social media

Without a doubt
there are some lost souls


Shall we go outside?
After dark?

This is the entrance to the courthouse
populated by overnight guests
who are in fact free to go


The old martial drumbeat
is back in style,
Sadly I didn't claim this free LP
despite it's preservation
would have encumbered me as
I walked the paradoxical streets

April 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Psychedelic Sunset

A burst of color before the darkness

Red earth flora

An artisan selling pipes
what's the nature of this
passing scene?

The psychedelic sun also rises
a trip room in broad daylight

I chatted up a kind fellow with some bud
we discussed entheogens and the like
my experience and study was extensive
and nostalgically long ago

 A t home I encountered
anew shower curtain
for Easter week

 An eerie contrast in light
when I went outside again
after supper

A cherished motif and subject
the antiquated walls of
Union Machine Works

Moving on but
you can't scare me
I'm sticking to the union

Repurposed metal works
at crespuscule

Approaching sundown
the evening train
thunders this way

Three spines with rib gages
inchoate faces
came toward me in the sky

Things rapidly
  the extra-planet effect

Shipside splendor


Some people look at the beauty
of a sunset sky
acknowledge it rationally
and want to go

Others of us stand transfixed
in an aesthetic state
brushstrokes of momentary color
 intimate immortality

Infrared flowers
in the most oblique light
calling me home

24 April 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Garden Cat

Buds are forthcoming roses
animals cop curious poses
So early in the Spring

Clouds dropped me off
on upper Grand Avenue
Piedmontese around here

To an native Yankee like myself
the world of flowers I encountered
on the West Coast is one
 of continual wonder

In California
the flora are in your face

Another green world

I am fond of passages
where no cars go

A girl with red hair
reads a book
under a canopy of green

Premature day for the roses

 I found one bush in bloom
with ecstatically fragrant blossoms

But we are not here for the roses

Not sure it shows but...

I am very
very high

Well, well,
look who's here

Better not wake
my extra-sensory pal

He couldn't care less

Go all Edward Muybridge
on your turkey ass

We were expecting
the Easter Bunny

Despite over-population
on both sides

We are not allowed to eat them
I'll wager that they're as gamey
as an old pole cat

Looking kind of pre-historic
there, archaeopteryx

A mind-expanding
psychedelic biosphere

As if the doors of perception
were cleansed

As if the heart and soul
were opened
to the sky

We are floating,

April 2017