Sunday, July 24, 2016

Reggatta des Blancs

The Flaneur to his delight 
chanced upon the sprawling 
Southwest Regional Masters Regatta 
a rowing competition 

The Lead-in

In search of some green grass,
in search of some shade

 Odd equipage in evidence today

Long boats are coming to Oakland

 On the salt-water estuary
we call a lake

 It's like a festival
a floating village
of white people

 Today's a day of leisurely rowing

 Graft produced
 Marvelous views for some people
no doubt

 There's a full deck now
with a child as caller

They don't mean me
of course

'at's me


 See you tomorrow,
good people
gliding under the trees

 A brief stay at the bus stop
before my ride arrives

The Competition

 Where it all takes place


  Is called where it's at

 In the realm of the shorebird

 It all happens out there

 I caught an exuberant contact buzz

 The men strike you as straight
and are rather restrained

 The gals seem sapphic
and demonstrative

 The sporting life

 Serious portage goes on
all around

 I'm retracing my steps
back out of the park

Hats off to all
the healthy and the strong

23-24 July 2016

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