Saturday, May 28, 2016

Drive-by 18

Through the stout heart of Oakland
via Martin Luther King, Jr Way

Coming Home


Some man's castle
 protecting fence and dog
Next a moat

A palimpsest of graffiti

A gloomy gloaming in Spring

A ghost town welcome

Greyhound Bus Station where
Allen Ginsberg worked in the 1950s,
"Baggage Room at Greyhound" was
 included in HOWL & Other Poems

Today it's an environment
of total surveillance,
Cameras, microphones,
gunshot detectors

Cannabis helps everyone
Grin and bear it

You're running
You're running
You're running Away

Interesting looking lady
wonder if she's African

 We're waiting for buses
at the transit hub

 Her cowl holds her smart tablet
no hands needed

Here's my ride
the #18 bus

Another colorful lady
gets on board

 She twigged
I was taking a shot but
doesn't seem to mind

uber alles

Unusual puddles
We had a flash shower
this April morning

Semi-liberated zone

Marcus Books
Black struggle

Near MacArthur BART station
Human storage units
renting soon

Advertisement for The Jungle Book
on the side of the bus

April 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Peace Talk

 Mazel tov

 To Avigador Lieberman,
former Moldovian
nightclub bouncer,
new Defense Minister
of our most important ally 
in the Middle East

Neo Berkeley


for the mind and body,
 Heading into town

An astrological forecast suggested I keep the hell I know
rather than try for the heaven I don't know

 Berkeley where travellers
with guitars arrive daily
even today

 UC steadily transforms
into a vast cash register
of student debt

Events there this weekend
baking in the sun

Yet another Buddhist gallery
Reflecting opulence and
perhaps subtle hegemony

 Glad I have ear plugs
In my ignorant opinion
Chinese have no conception
of music

 Some things Chinese people
 understand exceptionally well



 New campus sports field
Almost too nice to trod on

Berkeley Tool Library

Bird Neighbors

24, 26 May 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flower Walking in the Maytime

 Outside Fairyland

It's gray and chilly on the Bay today
like the blossoms themselves
Sunday's meditations stored up some sunshine

 A child's garden

 Everyday wonders to behold

 Bowling Green

 The old men have been
 lawn-bowling here
for a long long time

 It shows in the whorls
and lines of their faces

 The inevitable toll
of time and the weather

 It shows in lines
of grim determination

Skill and perhaps wisdom accrue
no matter what you do

 Azalea Bonzai

 Characterized by blossoms
of different color
on the same stunted tree

 Striking white lobe
of fleshy blossoms

This one as ordered
and ceremonial
as a wedding cake

 Approximate colors
are all I can capture
under florescent lights

This one's hues
come close to actuality

 Still beautiful
if only a portion

 They had tea and Japanese crackers
Providing a nice buzz for this busy bee
to continue on his way

Color Quest

Electric magenta

 Red and blue,
A guy slowly twirling
S-shaped blades 
under dramatic clouds
as his girlfriend filmed him

 Green myriad

 Purple blossom

Yellow sunburst
to say good-bye

22 May 2016