Monday, May 23, 2016

South of the Border IV: Barrio Flava


The Flaneur relaxes his teleological quest
to wander the neighborhood
in an aleatory fashion

It's a very traditional
highly colorful part of town
with lots of Mexican flags

But en Estados Unidos
which makes it muy

Hoary spooky dummy,
Skeletons hanging in window,
A travel agent/fixer's office,
I think he yelled at me
 like a figure from 
Mexican Bunuel films
Not a pseudo-aristocrat
like Archibaldo or "El,"
More street-level sinister

Did I mention the local color?

Open to the street,
The Picasso bedroom
Marriage white

Mexican washboard
Country ways for
modern urban society,
Bet it sounds good,
I want one

Muy gay 

The shell of the old society
endlessly repurposed

Guy with a pink hoodie, 
Kidnapped girl,
business as usual

 Had the subtle sensation
of being watched

Perhaps merely
Guarded by Jesus

The anchor 
Fruitvale Mission

Virgin of Guadalupe

 Brings me back to Oaxaca
Or anywhere in Meso-america

The vanishing mosaic

Folk art glass

May is dedicated to Mary,
Mother of Christ

 Waited for some time
for the 1R bus to show up
bus stop across the street

Threw in the towel,
headed back to the 51 stop
And that's all folks


Back over the estuary
that which makes 
Alameda an island

Mount Talampais 
in evanescent distance,
the center holds

Evening fell
past my window
a gull flew South,
Flew South of the Border
down Mexico way

20 May 2016

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