Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Day on the Bay Part 2

The Persistence of Memory

The eternal return trip

Watching me where I sat,
a window out of
the Barbary past

Watching like domestic predators
from the eldritch other side

Did this old white ghost see me?
Patriarch of the Hyde Street Pier
Polygamist and hoarder of gold

Or was it his mail-order bride
watching from her oblong box

La Patriarca,
Garish Mediterranean 
I told a young painter
it can be seen from space now,
He didn't smile

Sailor Beware,
How San Francisco sees itself
Renter Beware more like it

I'm retracing the Waterfront
I'm watching the Sea

Going to take a rain check 
on Quentin's place,
Got some other celebrities
I want to see

Likewise the wax museum,
same goes for submarines
and the Musee Mechanique

I have got a boat to catch

Time and tide,
 Hour glass and weather vane

We'll fire it up next month,
bring my nutcracker

There he is,
The first Movie Star 
to become Governor,
then president, and then
destroyer of democracy

There's the
Second Movie Star 
to become Governor,
Then maybe President,
and then the destroyer
of worlds

When you have this guy's looks 
and confident manner
the ladies go horizontal pronto,
I think he played a president 
in one of his movies

Waiting to be discovered,
surreptitious candid

So was the Magician,
somewhat sadly it seems

So it's got to be
goodbye to all this,
until we meet again

That's that rocket boat
cheap thrills for the so inclined,
It would be a wild
and windy ride today

There goes the Rocket Boat

Goes like hell and
does donuts on the waves,
Who needs it?

Got my own world to look through
Spent much of the trip back
riding inside

But participation in the glory
remains just a few steps away
So long, big city
always a blast

Left mid-afternoon 
ahead of the cool down,
Sleepy already

The only brave soul
on the top deck at the last
Wore my snow-board coat

All the way home
looking back
on a day's adventure

First stop Alameda side,
 The captain was sort of cute
young, smiling a lot,
Almost miraculous,
I remarked as he cleared 
a tight exit manoeuvre

The imposing backside
of Bay Ship
Repair birth vacant today

Motorvate me home
on the turbulent waters
O sweet and noble captain

10 May 2016

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