Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day Weekend Part 2: Rose-gardening

So lovely a day
in devotion to May

Come into the rose garden

Part the hedge row

People of the garden

Climb the foothills

Find your way
to be there

In a vast rose garden
on the first day of May

Palimino roses

Subtle rolling hillside
perfect for picnic

Tea roses state their case

Shadey breezey stairways
on a sort of hot day

A crown for 
King of the May


Kral Majales

A silent girl passed by
my staircase picnic spot,
Into the amphitheater

The wind stirred
an elephantine leaf

the flowers beneath

I migrated to a sunny bench
with a modicum of shade

Someone had left there
a mysterious box

Shells, poems,
and a note card inside,
"Take me with you"
I did

All the delight
of a day in the garden
in bloom

Colors call out
to my sensitivity

White roses
march on
like beings

After a lull
a breeze would
utter fragrance

I make my valediction
to begin my slow descent

The uprush
of life force
lifts my spirit with it

by a psychedelic rose

By an on-coming Iris
its rare and splendid hue

One never passes
the same tree

Spring formal

I'm in the mood for 
something fitting
in formal-ware

The gold shoulder,
but I think I wore it
last year

Hmm, pink pin-stripe
with a drape,
 nice but not 
really me

First thought
best thought,
Maybe I'll go with
the red

spinning wheel,
Fairy tale fabulous

Impromptu grace,
Evensong by Byrd and Weekes
Last stop before heaven

1 May 2016

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