Saturday, May 21, 2016

South of the Border II: Fruitvale Station

Cuidado Fruitvale

End of the line

 A make-believe not-sinister
shopping village around 
the infamous BART station

 A sunny and actually
not inhospitable vibe today

 The artist forgot
the tear drop

 Out through the gate
to International Boulvevarde

 The delightfully authentic
Mexican section
of Oakland

para Curanderos

 from heaven and earth

Big shoes
 for little ladies 

 Mexicans and Mexican-Americans alike
celebrate the stereotypes,
How healthy and wholistic

 Guacamole wedding cake

 A tiny wayside park,
wouldn't want to hang out there
after dark

Fruitvale district
seen as the tree of life
in ceramic and tile

We return to this terminus 
in the following blogs,
hasta luego

20 May 2016

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