Friday, May 13, 2016

The Week In Oakland

sometimes it just seems like it's

More mendacious
miserably capitalistic 
and downright undemocratic 

 They shut down the streets
 we use every day
at the flash of a bank roll

 Purely commercial

 Marketing uber alles

 The entirety of  tenth street
and old Oakland privatized again
This happens often

 is an indictment
of those individuals
Moving into areas 
where white people 
used to fear to tread

 They certainly had some elbow room
 between the leadership tables

Continual appropriation of public streets
for public commercial affairs
is quite another thing,

 But who wants to be a naysayer
not me
Shine on, you crazy diamond

We have free trade
 foreign manufacturers
 to supply every need

Pleasure palace opportunities 
on offer

You'll never guess who I ran into,
The bride of Charles Laughton,
looking fresh

Like she just come from church

 Urban obsolence
 in severe turn-around

 The hour that the ship comes in

 Words that are used for
to get the ship confused,
will not be understood
after spoken

 And like Pharoah's tribe
they'll be drowned in the tide,
And be buried on the botton
of the ocean

 Ain't no retrumplicans
Just octopi and pelicans

 Have no fear for atomic energy
None of them can stop the time

And sell it back to you

 We over in cartoon land now

The week of
Friday the 13th, May 2016

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