Monday, May 16, 2016

The Ghost Nature Center by the Lake

Black-crested Night Heron

Went inside for the very first time
quite unsettling actually 

 Be careful my dear,
can the dead harm the living?

 Ironic in light of radio broadcasts today  

Africanized bees in a hive in nearby Concord
turned on a bee-keeper
 and surrounding neighborhood
this weekend killing one or two small dogs,
Though the predictable hysteria 
will be to try to ban backyard bee hives
experts say that will encourage
the Africanized bees to take over

 The other report dealt with colony collapse
unsustainable at this point
Due most likely to nicotinic pesticides

 The further irony today
is that these beesseem to
be the only things here still alive,
maybe the motionless tarantula

 It's a strange
oddly obsolescent place
through lively kids frequent the joint

An almost morbid feeling

 Cabinet of dark wonders

 The badger and the bear
Have more bald spots than hair

 All about who eats whom

 Family pets
inherit the wild beasts' domain
Enforced by uniformed wardens

 Just outside
they are all still alive

 Make no mistake

 Embalming, taxidermy, preserved skulls, etcetera
Death is the biological end

 The bees seemed agitated
the buzzing verged on delirium
in my bee's-waxed ears

 Let no dog or man forget it

 Return to the bird sanctuary

 To ask the orphic, oracular bird
some Egyptic questions

Nature is everything 
eating everything 
all the time

15 May 2016

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