Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crown Beach Ahead of the Curve

for Prince

It was almost Summer yesterday
today it reverted to mid-Spring
I  rested my noggin by the Bay

 I hike in across
arid parking lots
Blessedly empty today

 Grand Central 
for ground squirrels

Here it is 
an opening

 I go into the water
with my fly open,
Some kind of ventilator

 Chem-trails are a common sight,
Bulbous jet liners
climb into the West

 The breeze is steady
 keeping things cool
I camp right down on the shore
watching the wee pipers 
as they tip-toe past

 Alas the perfect atmospheric conditions
led to a sense of impunity
An immunity to hours
of sun exposure,
Mr Experience got a little lobster color

 Used a purple thread
from my glove
to fashion a cross 
for Prince


 A blue airplane kite
At the bottom 
of the way to blue

The lonely kite-surfer,

 Time to make 
trails of my own

 So I don't wind up
hiding silently
like a little yellow cat

 French cafe
always already closed

Fort Knox out of business
 USA in entropic flux

 A strange portal
some will have to go through

Eat or be eaten
The subliminal suggestion

 On the bus hurtling toward
the Estuary tunnel
The day seemed subsumed
A sleepy separate reality

 Apparent sensory phenomena
in  the form of shifting
quantum dots

 The last everyday thing I remember
was staring at a fellow passenger's shoes
a compelling color blue

 I felt like Ray Milland
in X, The Man with X-ray Eyes,
The doors of perception 
had blown away

Later in the evening
the patterns resumed
more familiar forms

18 May 2016

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