Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Week

Life is as close to Hell
as you can be
until you get there

 Beer with citrus in it
Non pour moi

 Faux-hawk brew

 We're still getting
wee showers of rain
keeping it green

 Portrait of a bongo drum

Sausage sellers
in Swan's market 
rock this neon sign

Rolling mind

 Into the park

 Children take to the trees
as if by instinct

 Profound colors of poppies
 some almost black,
I fight the nod


 To proceed
Deep into the garden

 To spend a quite hour
by a waterfall

 Look who just flew in

 A gorgeous 
Blue Night Heron

 He stayed quite a while 
drinking in the shade

Then flew up over the pond
See him over the green bush 
to the left of the falls

 There he goes 
over the papyrus

 There he goes

 There he went

 Such tender colors
I could linger in rhapsody

 Yet the clock says it's time to go

 Football, Coke, cars and trucks,
Religion and business

Cinco de Mayo

 Celebration on Center street

 At Berkeley City College

 Dancing in the street
Some free or cheap eats
Music and smiles
to chase away the clouds

 We're international, baby

Coke truck in front
of Berkeley Library,
Mexican Coke is better
with sugar not corn syrup

3-5 May 2016

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