Saturday, May 21, 2016

South of the Border III: Los Hombres y Las Damas

Old-fashioned sexy
never went out of style
in the lively and thriving shops
of the district

 They let machos be machos

It's Rodeo Drive
for over-the-top 
Western duds

Demure yet buxom 

 Wrestling masks

 Loco clown posse

Since I was a child
love those cowboy clothes,
Can't really rock those
 the heels and toes 
no more

Soigne wedding dress
Marriage is still a must
round here

 La Bomba

 Sexy from the git-go

 Yet as I observe,
really dedicated mothers

 In awe of the 
Virgin Mother

 Bars, barbed wire
graffiti and
heavy-duty surveillance 

 First Communion dresses

 Saintly little boy

 Sometimes there's
a lost little girl 
like every elsewhere

 On the leg
the Flaneur's inquiry

 It's not just

or Virginity

Twenty-first Century 

20 May 2016

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