Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Everyday Life in Berkeley, California

Paid Berkeley rent for decades
What does that make me?

Naked Lunchbox
Nothing is what it seems

Over on Harold Way
Dharma college

Motorcycles and scooters
only please

Addison street Post Office
they nuked the protestors

Horrendous overkill
That the squirrely mayor
 says is a good this
Thinning of the homeless herd
did allow the students 
into the park at lunchtime

The Flags of Berkeley

A twisty old oak in the park

what would he make of today?

An unforgettable redwood
Central Berkeley's most magnificent

It's by this memorial stone
Here since the first World War ended,
no remembers it anymore

Maybe it's better to forget
A tile found in Turkey
thousands of years old
Shows a skeleton
and a jug of wine
"Enjoy your life"
it reads

May 2016

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