Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Day Weekend Part 1. Perennial Rites of Spring

Kooky socks 
with numbers on them

28 April 2016

 Friday will effectively be
my fiscal first of the month
so a contemplative night
without cannabis or brandy
Teilhard de Chardin's
The Mystery of Suffering at hand

Friday 29 April 2016

 Down to Jack London square
there's a cash machine there
A brandy supermarket
and an authentic bagel shop
My bus stop breakfast

Next to College ave
North Oakland by BART
For my requisite french roast
Max's Blend from Cole Coffee

 Tree scarified by delivery trucks

 They'd better beware
of dragon's nests

 Geological strata
of the damage done
by the ruthless commerce


I'm back off directly
to the dispensary


 420 on the move
legal by 2017

The youth of today
will see a world more
enhanced by cannabis

30 April 2016 

On my way

 I walk in great footsteps

 The Temple of Stephen
I can get behind that

A first name I could live with

 The hobby lobby

 An unidentified menace

 The Scientology candidate's here

To keep us safe

 Artificial  intelligence
coupled with
 machinery of brute force

I took a self-guided tour
of a twilight zone,
A saturday afternoon 
where nobody goes

Well on that note 
time to ascend again
from the basement where 
all the clocks have stopped

The only white ones
Are clueless nerds
(second shelf left)

Fetish cabinet

Prismatic encryption

Quilting can be a hobby as well


 some sort of accident?

Hope it isn't very serious

Just another day
in the valley of the uncanny

The last evening in May
Chinatown-old Oakland 
Broadway chasm

A rare warm night
I go out
I go out again

Demonstrating the basic moth-reaction

Phototropic beer garden

All of a sudden
too much light

An unexplained face
leaps out at me 
from a lamp post 

28-30 April 2016

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