Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May Day on the Bay Part 1.


A lackadaisical day in May
 stiffened by the breeze

Where do suppose I was yesterday?

And we're off
earl-lye in the morning,
well before noon

To what's-your-angle city

A brief stop to deboard the rubes
and off again

Here's where the real 
exhilaration begins

Into the exciting North bay

Venerable Marin county
Sloping up to Tamalpais

Thrill-seekers make
 for the Golden gate
The marine influence
hovers back like 
a frozen godzilla

Breezy indeed
but sun glorious sun abounds,
There's that paranoid submarine

The ultra-popular sour dough bakers
Wheat sign needs a touch of paint

They charm the kids by baking
breads shaped like alligators

Today's exemplar in life-size

 The beating bloody tawdry heart 
of mean old Frisco

The colossus of Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco's true playground
Crime abounds around the edges

Illegal steals gun
from a Fed's parked car
shoots girl dead
Streets of San Francisco episode

You feel like the entire district
is poised to devour you

Roister boatmen
cajole passersby 
to join them on the waves
underneath the bridge

Nothing like a set of paints
to bring out pretension
is he proud or annoyed?
 Chinese are so inscrutable,

Not a lot of tourists today actually
Seems like a lot of area kids
are visiting Hyde Street Pier

not today's paper

Many have gone hereabouts
to consult Old Davy Jones
and some do still


The risk and the reward
of the Sea

I got as just far 
as the Hyde Street pier myself

Conditions were such
 I sheltered on the small beach
To have my relaxation and lunch

You can see the steady breeze
The deserted main stretch of beach

In my corner patch
I'm in the warm sun 
and out of the wind
the tide respires at my feet

No matter how brisk
I still go in the water

the only way to
extraordinary experience

 Slightly mesmerized
I forget myself
 merely a part of the flow

As in poem and proverb
Peace comes falling slow

The dragon of chilly fog
barely withdraw
now sends tentative tentacles 
onto the Bay

Men in florescent work vests
took a launch out to the Thayer
It's all newly rebuilt,
Celebration is planned

writes his name
in transient sand

The tide wipes it out,

Strange rust figure in the sand

Strange theater of rust
in an old rotten piling

Strange tree
bares up in the constant wind

(to be continued)

10 May 2016

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