Friday, May 6, 2016

Oakland Arts Today


Who says Oakland ain't cute?

Angel cakes, anyone?

BART trains rumble overhead
The highway is for gamblers
better use your sense

 Zoned for mixed-use,
mixed-up ball of confusion
mixed use


 Flowers withstand it all

 Leaves like elephant ears
with only natural predators

 Paella pan eatery

 Some anonymous artist's
proud expression

Painted streets

 Constructions blossom

Underground petroleum warning
in a bed of shattered glass

 Strange cast-off
party dress

 Glittering holiday jumper

 Don't try to make me
go to rehab,
I said no no no

 Archeology of Chinatown

 Today in all its boldness

 Work goes on
otherwise deserted streets,
internal combustion respires

 The grid holds
when all else gets wobbly

 One's sensorium must capable
of withstanding

 The sudden passage of trains
Noise level multiples

 Is he still in the race?

 We need another Roosevelt
to come to the land of the

The Port of Oakland
my endpoint reached

 Setting sail for my return trip

 Some take an expressionistic perspective
almost always tending to the nightmarish

 Wow, even I have heard of them
wonder if industrial ear protection
is provided


The shit that gets 
in the name of Satan


 Quotidian conjuring
an augury of shadows

 A vital volatility

 A tour of contemporary art history
and cultural archeology
with your Flaneur

April 2016

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