Friday, September 2, 2016

Class Day Part A: Ludins Sisters at GTU

Crucifixion Scene


 Heading to an exhibition of paintings
by Sylvia Ludins and her sister Florence
at the Graduate Theological Union library

Sylvia was the more prominent
perhaps the more industrious,
she stayed unmarried until her death
at age 56 in 1965,
Native New Yorkers, quiet socialists
who came of age during the Depression
who began to exhibit in the likely venues,
Greenwich Village, Art Students League,

They eventually settled in the SF Bay area 
Sylvia's work hasn't been seen in 70 years
and since 1965 apparently has been
in storage in a Berkeley garage

 Up on Holy Hill

 Sylvia's painting dealt in Jewish themes
with an expressionistic social realism
combined with more romantic symbolism

When the oppressed seize the day

 The horrible toll of war

 The young artist in New York
During WWII she worked as
a shipyard draughtsman

 Not a member of the Party
but a committed Communitarian

with skylight

 The student sketchbooks

 Like most of her fellow travellers
Surrealism held all the attraction
of the sea in summer

 She propped open
the windows of her mind

 And had a rather 
deft hand

 Yet her bread and butter
in populist working class
social realist cartoons,
Clean factory town
reminds me of Woody Guthrie

 Not to say
always cheerful

Damn you,de Kooning

 The exhibition space
sacred in its way

 Works by Florence

 Perhaps she was the more
religiously inclined of the two,
Christian images surface
in her work


 She seems to have been  
more inclined to the
abstract avant garde


 There's Florence on the right
The more bonnie sister
she married and lived long


 Sampson by Sylvia

Berkeley Northside
she ain't what she used to be
but then again she is

 The students return to classes
stop in for the cherished tattoo
not peer pressure, self-expression

so well-fed,
a high premium
on cuteness

Coming Soon:
Class Day Part B:
Chancellor Dirks $700,000 Fence

31 August 2016

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