Friday, September 16, 2016

To Neo-Berkeley and Back

 Stopped me in my tracks

The Flaneur responds to full a moon
shedding the snakeskin of Summer
as it starts to get hot

 It was part of a group

 Kind of a tall boast
for little people

Oh, I see now...

 Giant green dog
with a wicked widow's peak
and a garish collar

 Painted chair

Halloween stocking


 Candle power 


 Earliest Jolly Roger


 Psychedelic bassist and composer
his likeness painted
outside the Berkeley school,
where he got high

 Detail of a Robert Frank photo
of a hilltop park in SF
with a reclining negro couple
perhaps a bit annoyed by his intrusion,
This large photocopy was pasted onto 
a sidewalk rubbish bin,
Best I could get and gone now,
I miss the couple

 Vacant lot transformed
a mighty garden today,
I remember an adult cinema here

 Let this proliferate

First morning sun in months
early September, 
a remarkable sight

Another day

At a clinic
deep in the heart
of Berkeley

 The only reader matter
doesn't grab my interest

 Well that's to know
I hate those open-carry clinics


Did any one bother
to tell Chuckie?

stalk the sidewalk

 Snoopy and the
Great Pumpkin,
scary enough for me

September 2016

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