Sunday, September 11, 2016

One Day Heat Spell

Outside Berkeley High
Phil Lesh a graduate
 honored by a utility-box mural

All summer long the temperature 
has stayed on the cool side
August in San Francisco never got above 70 degrees F
and only hit 70 degrees once

This was after a cooler-than-normal July,
September is continuing in the same pattern,
Except for one day
last Wednesday the seventh
I saw a bank read-out at 89
probably close to the day's high in Oakland,
Then it got cool again the very next day


 It's too damn hot
for a pumpkin latte!

 It's even too hot for beer!

 Hardly any breeze at all
in deserted Lakeside park

 Even the shorebirds
thought it was too hot,
Commerants were 
airing their wings 

I got too drowsy 
to take any more pictures


 Look at this place
broke-down palace

 The sky on the second floor


'cause when the Lord
 get ready
you got to move

September 2016

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