Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor of Love I : Exit Through the Thrift Shop

A cavalcade of Flaneurian images 
from the Peoples' holiday weekend
unplanned and spontaneous 

 When I noticed my own open window
looking back at me
 I knew it was time to go outside
and feed my imagination

 I stopped a moment by this familiar fence
explanation follows elsewhere in this post

Way down
among the sheltering palms
Amtrak thunders past

 Time to investigate this place

 It does radiate that
good old American welcome

 Historical furnishings
good stuff from yard sales

Artifacts from

 Behind the curtains
artist studios and a gallery

Pop Surrealism

 The Heirophant
 from the Black Lagoon

 The Surrealist Mass

A singularity
To scale tall buildings
in a single bound

 Knock, knock:
Who's There?

Spooky screen
Jock-strap of Turin

Behind other
even more furtive 

 Arrested morphology


 Wings of a different sort
Angels in America

 Advanced hotel abstracts

 More niches galleries
up front

Consciousness is a cut-up

 Reflecting on reflections

 I don't want to meet 
up with him
after dusk


 New peyotl yodel

 Eye of the storm cloud

 Some girl, some ink
Hope's it's only henna

 Ornate drinking flasks
and the ornate gentlemen
who drained them

 Cut glass spirit decanter,
more on booze bottle art
will follow

 Glad to join the foot traffic
for these shiny people,
Hope they grow roots

 Set designs from Oakland past

In the Port present,
cops on bikes lurk in the shade
Fine with me, better than
usual security stooges

 Blues Cruise 
on the presidential yacht 

 Breezy day on the Bay
for party boaters

You can hear the band
 as they set forth 

 Although I would accept a free ticket,
It wouldn't be under my preferred conditions:
smaller crowd, acoustic or no music

Up up and away they go
Muddy Waters recommends 
Champagne and Reefer,
all around

Way down Second Street
It  looked liked UK SUBS

 At Oakland Metro
Not bloody likely


These planks enclose an unmanned PG&E substation 
In consideration of privacy I shed my empty bandy vessels here,
I wedge the neck in between the planks for stabilty
and am amused to see how long the bottles remain,
I view it as a temporary guerilla art installation,
At first they lasted long enough for several to co-exist
this is when it looks best,
Recently a sort of cat-and-mouse game takes place
they disappear rather quickly

Generally it's the smaller size
But a friend gave me 
the large size bottle
for my birthday,
Even more sculptural

4 September 2016

Labor of Love II:
Ray Meets a Redhead
in Deep Crab Cove

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