Friday, September 16, 2016

Patti Smith: Evidentiary Material II

 An American artist
at home in the world

 Fine wine 
cheese fruit and vegetables
it was like a visit to the old 
 prosperous California

 Patti has never been camera-shy

 A meticulous contemplative 
photographer these days,
Her recent book The M Train 
details an artist's obsession
with image and talisman
with sacred fetishism

 Museum shows
and Chevalier des Artes
en la Belle France

 The tough chick rebel leader
cartoon proves fairly
 indelible as well

But she's a Blakean lamb
at heart
always was

 A poet
who read with her friend
Allen Ginsberg
and found a lot in his Buddhism

 A woman of letters

 In films by Robert Frank

 Concert tours with legends
who are now her peers

 Exhibition of her itchy scratchy
texty drawings on apper

 An autumnal 
portrait of the artist

All art
a self-portrait

 Be a gathering,

 Patti like a ghost in the

 the clock says
it's time to go,

 A long walk across campus,
the over-amped playing fields,
has its compensation
in adventure

A fond bon soir
to horizons not quite lost
 to Mills college

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