Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pirate Day on SF Bay

 Come on along 
on a vicarious click-through

Summer's almost gone
sang an Alameda boy who went strange
and went away to Paris and Pere Lachaise
Of course, hereabouts things are just hotting-up
I escaped into the expansive bayscape

 It's Talk Like A Pirate Day
I only did once, briefly
to a seagull I wanted to get rid of

 But I enjoyed observing the occasion,
a chance to avoid a hot day on land
and put some more nautical miles
under my sailor's cap

 Very calm on the estuary

 The industrious 
Port of Oakland
Nice rest areas seldom used,
Views seldom seen

 Leading up to the new bridge

 Leading in turn to the old bridge
Mount Tam peaks underneath

 Underneath we go as well

Alcatraz Island and Tamalpais
without the bridge between us

 A fond look back
Turbulent majesty
 yet mild enough this day

Mainly benign utility boat traffic
not a lot of recreational sails today

The broad North Bay
a hearty sailboat
for company

 As we approach
our harbor
just shy of the bridge

Rubbing blubber,
Sparse seals of summertime
crowd the same pontoon

 Kooky man-made island,
wonder how he ever
 got that one approved


 On foot now, I proceed 
directly to my usual spot
Take a quick plunge
 and kick some suds

 Have my lunch:
Sardines, pumpernickel, cheese,
olives, crackers, and brandy
The tide reaches the pilings below me

 Leaves the varicolored sand
in tie-dyed patterns

 I hung out with a lovely couple
I didn't bring enough herb
but very fortunately they had
more than they needed and shared

 They departed via motorcycle
San Mateo residents
comrades of the compassionate

 Very happily medicated
I have no problem
 staying fascinated here alone
awaiting my 8 o'clock boat

 Solo artist
 running through the changes

 First the tide rushes in

 As goes out again
in scintillating patterns
and reflections

 Well, look who's here
while the sun is still out

A fuzzy little bandit
wearing a mask

Slinking along in the shadow
like a sheepish sheepdog,
 Bigger than he looks here

He may have become accustomed 
to very few people at this hour,
Cold breezes and early fog-shrouded dusk
all Summer

 Stops to see if a young German couple 
have any hand-outs for him,
Can they bite? the girl asked me
Oh, they can bite,
but only if they're afraid of you
which he plainly was not

Evanescent Marin
The gold of late Summer
pours in through the gate

 Until the atmosphere
turns imaginary

Turning to alchemy

 Radiance of the Golden Gate

19 September 2016

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