Thursday, September 29, 2016

First Breeze After Heat Wave


85 degrees and over
what's a temperate cat to do?
slip away to the shore 

 Look who's lurking
by the CATS entrance

 In the mood
for fast food

Get the ball

 get the ball

 Sometimes I wonder if
certain over-burdened types
don't resent my apparent leisure

 No fork-lifting
no lifting fork

 It's my little pals
we saw each other coming in on the bus
 with their unsmiling Mexican babysitter,
they said hello to me

 Running down to Crab Cove
little kids often seem to love old gray RAY
As I veered on my way
one called after, bye,
Bye-bye, have fun

 The heat is unrelieved

 at the beach

Fat ground squirrels
bask in it on 
sun-hot rocks

 The shorebirds
don't seem to mind,
If I take a quick dunk
then join the squirrels

 As soon as I was dry
I was too hot again,
Had to move to a lifeboat
a picnic table in the shade of a tree

 Time passed,
had refreshment,
then a subtle stirring
coming south from the Gate

 A boy climbed up
to feel the first cool breeze


 Raises his arms
taking flight

when you go up high

 It's not as easy 
to come back down

It's not Summer anymore
the trees up the street are varicolored 
the sun moves apace

 blows in with the breeze
white egret fishing


 A state of universal
compassion for the earth
and all living things

Earth art clocks
they keep turning
and will continue to 
with and without you

Kids investigate the mud
of low tide

 An older boy brings out 
a dog on a leash,
not permitted actually
 with all our delicate birds

 He seems responsible though
and the kids warmly greet the dog,
small celebrations
 I vicariously join in

Wonder and novelty
for all concerned

Time for me to fish
or cut bait,
See you later, Alameda

27 September 2016

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