Saturday, September 3, 2016

Class Day Part B: Chancellor Dirks and His $700,000 Fence

The Imperial UC 

Hardly a mere fence
 it's more of a security perimeter,
He has full time militiamen who conceal themselves
under camouflage man holes and pop up if there's trouble

This on a campus combed by security devices
and with a standing police army 
the size of most medium-sized cities

Is you think that there is a class-war raging in America,
which side do you think is winning?

 I come in from the woods,
last wild tangle
on the Northside

  Svelte youngish redwoods,
I had one draw for strength, 
pain relief,
 and creativity,

 Found a pile of interesting rocks
and made a ritual circle,
Dedicating it to Rosebud DeNovo
who was shot dead
after ringing the Chancellery doorbell,
She may have brought with her
a small hatchet

back entrance,
same old fence

 Here's one redwood
students won't get to hug,
Two large lordly dogs roamed
the rolling  grassy grounds

 The final staircase
to the Chancellor's Berghof aerie,
Tradition has students climb
them on their knees

 The new fence comes into view

 There it is.

One of the many transgressions of the outgoing Dr Nicholas Dirks
was to hire a Hillary Clintonista public relations ace
on the University's dime
to pump him up in the chattering class marketplace
His increased exposure and income he maintained
would trickle down to financially wrung-out students,
He stated that no University staff was available
who could do this kind of pricey work.

Now we learn that the University is hiring an out-and-out Conservakook professor
to co-pilot a course with Torture-memo Professor John Yoo
on the Executive Privilege to torure and behead,
The chairman of Faculty at U of Colorado from whence he comes
said  Steven Hayward's statements "bordered on hate speech,"

He has already joked that students may chose to do a final paper for him
or to be water-boarded instead,

What the fuck, UC Berkeley?!

And the reason given why this outside far-right ideologue had to be hired?
Because none of the existing faculty would be qualified to do the work

Since time immemorial 
this is what students saw 


as it appears today

 What happened to the beloved
Topiary clock?
Oh, there it is

Things have changed,
Who looks at clocks anymore?

Quite a fence

 Very impressive fence
the imperial bear,
Such exclusive luxury
but $700,000?
Something fishy

Serenity now,
serenity now

31 August 2016

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