Monday, September 26, 2016

Trains on the Shoreline

 Oakland primates
round here

Two trains
two railroad tracks
one going
other one coming back
click clack click clack

Freight trains
take forever

 Down by the estuary

 lots of activity

 The Ferry comes and goes

 Sail and foot traffic
 on the water

 A sail boat passes by
without sails

 On its way 
to Fantasyland

 Keeping it real

 with castles in the clouds

 A great nation

 Who says it ain't?

We're still a melting pot
in a wax museum

 The blacks, the whites

 Room for the Mexicans too

know theyself

 Heading home

 Organic vegetable stand
too hot today at 
the Farmer's Market


 Tell me about it,
could write the screenplay:
I  Married a 
Transylvanian Yenta

carrying his parasol today


 Hottest night of the year

 After nine I sat 
out on the corner
of Clay and Ninth,
coolness floated my way
in from the gate and the bay

Until the clock said
it was time for bed

September 2016

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