Thursday, September 22, 2016

Textiles of the Dead

Textiles of the Grateful Dead,
a singularity that first landed hereabouts
as the Warlocks from fifty years ago
left behind colorful glowing patterns

Children of the cultural revolution
gather still

A contemporary Dead chick
which is distinct from a hippie chick

If we travel by

 Hey, kid,
ever see a hippie chick?

 He's seen it before plenty

Mind travel encouraged

You can never
 be too far-out

skulls abound

Peace and noise

A succession of bands 
perform Dead classics
and jam

Step inside
the kaleidoscope

Tie-dyed garments

Appeal to a broad spectrum,
from preppy middle-of-the-roader
to advanced eccentric

Rocking a butch skirt
and letting his possibilities

Sensory candy,
Saturday afternoon
acid incense and balloons

When you are high
even multi-colored wool
can be captivating

the realm of Jerry

Fun for all ages
all walks of life

The bizarre bizare

road maps for the soul
a way of life

Elephantine memories
recaptured in repose

A beautiful day
among the rugs and rags,
It continued Sunday
in a heat spell

festooned with roses,
The mystical kind
meet under this sign

With the one on the left
the mind supplies the colors

Homage to

Humanitarian organization
Led by Wavy Gravy
who produces concerts
to pay for eye operations
in Nepal

Mosaic elephant map
to the numinous graveyard
of ivory

Deadheads dig shiny rocks

Especially if they are shaped
like skulls

The three dominant 
Grateful Dead motifs:
Large round skull diagram
with various insignia;
Conga line of dancing bears;
Venerable Skull and Roses

Whatever your glad rags may be
Grab a hoop and get grooving

Tie-Dye Master

Shall we move into
to this exemplary bedouin tent
of dazzling hues?

Someone seems to be back there

Classical hippie chick
The tie-dye artist said he could get me one,
I said I had one already
 but you got to blow it up

No schlock
this cat's work was art

This Dead Fest returns
every year,
Your Flaneur takes you there

17 September 2016

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